Do you know that sugar, fat, and salt can “hijack” your brain that make you overeating? How to prevent it? David Aaron Kessler, MD, former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration USA (FDA) as well as the author of the book “A Question of Intent” and “The End of Overeating”, stating that the food industry has designed visual ads to influence the minds of consumers to have food addiction and hard to escape from the influence. To prevent, it must be confronted with the power of the mind as well.

  1. Look carefully at the color and texture of your food. Your mood will be better so you will not feel as hungry as before. Hunger exists only in your mind.
  2. If there is fruit, so eat half the fruit before you eat big. The sweetness of the fruit will be enough to satisfy your appetite before the big meal. Low calorie but filling because fiber content.
  3. Eat with a spoon, fork, or knife smaller to slow down your eating. If there are chopsticks it will be better again. Use a smaller plate also to make your food portions seem more full.
  4. Eat the most delicious food section first so your appetite is more easily satisfied and do not need to devour the less palatable parts. Remember, your stomach is not a dump.
  5. Or, eat first the part of the toughest chewed food (such as meat). The longer the food is in your mouth, the faster your appetite satisfied anyway.
  6. Chew food slowly and feel good. Remember, your sense of taste is the tongue, not the stomach. The longer the food is in the mouth, the faster your hunger satisfied.
  7. Quantify how mouthful you eat. Remember that everything you eat from morning to bedtime count your daily caloric intake requirements.
  8. If you already feel full even though the food is not up yet, then stop eating. You have to spend that portion of your meal. Next, eat it in portions so that no residual waste.
  9. If you still want to snack, eat peanut while interspersed with drinking water or mineral water. You will be full more quickly without having to spend a full bag of peanut skin.
  10. If you suddenly feel hungry, drink water immediately. Many people mistake him hungry when in fact he was thirsty.

Remember, hunger exists only in your mind. Is the power of your mind to be able to control excessive appetite.

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