Heal your organs by rubbing your ft. Seem strange? Well it shouldn’t seem so strange whenever we consider the bond our most outer parts have with this most inner physical parts. Reflexology has existed for any very long time although not so many people are savvy into it and just a choose couple of who discover the benefit, take action daily. Many often hear that walking barefoot can increase your odds of catching a chilly. Whenever we help remind ourselves from the outcomes of our ft and the body, we are able to understand why they’ve a lot affect over our wellness.

In lots of religious practices, cleaning from the ft is taken like a daily ritual like a cleansing method, generally carried out by pure custom, without realization of the numerous benefits it gives your body.

With an readable diagram we are able to identify the way i organs fall into line towards the different parts of our ft. Whenever we take notice of the under side from the feet, the bigger toes represent the mind, and each other important organ in climbing down to the foot of the ft.

31 Organs You Are Able To Heal Through Reflexology

You will find also other maps which take notice of the side from the feet along with the reflexology points on top of the ft. We are able to also consider the blood circulation system along with the lymph system along with other maps and learn to heal and activate these points with massage.

Which organs can I activate, heal or improve through foot massage?

1. Brain
2. Hypothalamus Pineal Gland
3. Pituitary Gland
4. Spine
5. Neck
6. Thyroid
7. Oesophagus
8. Heart
9. Solar Plexus
10. Diaphragm
11. Stomach
12. Pancreas
13. Adrenals
14. Duodenum
15. Kidney
16. Small Intestine
17. Ureter
18. Bladder
19. Spine
20. Sciatic Nerve
21. Temple
22. Eye
23. Sinus
24. Ear
25. Right Shoulder
26. Chest 7 Lungs
27. Gall Bladder
28. Liver
29. Transverse Colon
30. Ascending Colon
31. Ileocecal Valve

Frequently a feet massage makes you feel rejuvenated ever much more than the usual full massage. Feet massages feel happy for almost all people and often we all know something will work for us but we might n’t get why. Through study regarding reflexology we have started to comprehend the inner connectedness along with the knowledge of nature.

Understanding and applying this may lead to an ample general experience where the body is opened up and significant instead of tight and repressed. A mix of this healing practice in addition to fulfilling other healthsupport beams can enhance the purpose of our organs in addition to advance the condition in our overall health many occasions over.

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