It turns out that people who have healthy sleep is caused by implementing a healthy diet. According to the researchers, there are four nutrients that can help make a better sleep. What is it?

Eat crappy, crappy sleep. That’s one message from a new study conducted by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, recently. According to them, is a key nutrient that has been shown to play an important role in regulating sleep.

According to them, there are four recommended nutrients to aid better sleep quality, namely:


Lycopene or in English is called lycopene is a kind of carotene and carotenoid pigments found in citrus, tomatoes, papaya, and watermelon.


Selenium is a chemical element that has the symbol [Se] and is an essential mineral for human health. Selenium is found in tuna, cod, clams, and the wheat, and nuts.

Vitamin C

Guava, kiwi, litchi, papaya, peppers, parsley, and broccoli are some foods that are rich in vitamin C.


According to a study of The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating easily digestible carbohydrates like cereals, rice, potatoes, and white bread 4 hours before bed will make a person fall asleep faster.

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