It is estimated that 0ver 50 Million American People suffer from Allergies alone, while 17 Million Americans are estimated to have Asthma. 4 Corners Pharmacy supply a small range of medications which are commonly used in the treatment of Asthma and AllergiesBronchodilators

Ventolin Nebules
Ventolin Nebules are only for use with nebulizer units. Used as directed Ventolin Nebules prevent or relieve the wheezing, shortness of breath, and difficulty breathing caused by asthma.


Spiriva Oral Inhalation Capsules and Handihaler Oral Inhalation Device
Spiriva is a bronchodilator medication and works by relaxing and opening the air passages to the lungs of asthmatics to make breathing easier.

Tiova (Generic Spiriva)
Tiova is a bronchodilator medication and works by relaxing and opening the air passages to the lungs of asthmatics to make breathing easier.

Ventorlin works to relieve conditions such as asthma, chronic bronchitis and emphysema in the same way as Ventolin.

Ventolin relaxes the smooth muscle in the lung and dilates airways to improve breathing. Ventolin is used in the treatment of asthma, chronic bronchitis, and emphysema. The inhaler enables the drug to reach deep into the lungs for maximum benefit.

Oral albuterol sulfate (Salbutamol) belongs to a class of antiasthmatic agents called sympathomimetic bronchodilators. It is used to treat and prevent bronchospasm in patients with reversible obstructive airway disease and exercise-induced bronchospasm.

Serevent Inhaler

Serevent Accuhaler
Salmeterol is a bronchodilator which is similar to albuterol (Proventil® or Ventolin®) and other “shorter-acting” medications such as bitolterol (Tornalate®), pirbuterol (Maxair®) and terbutaline (Brethaire®). Salmeterol differs from these medications in that it does not begin working immediately and has a longer duration of action. This allows for twice daily dosing rather than the usual four times daily or every 4-6 hours dosing.

Atrovent is used to make breathing easier for people with diseases such as asthma, emphysema (a serious condition that makes breathing difficult), and chronic obstructive bronchitis.

Atrovent improves air flow by relaxing the muscular tubes (air passages) that carry air to and from your lungs. It begins to act quickly after use but may take up to 2 hours to give maximum benefit.


Asthma preventative medication and alternative to Becloforte / Beclovent.

Becloforte / Beclovent
This medicine is used for the treatment of chronic asthma to prevent attacks. It is not helpful during an asthma attack. The biggest benefit may be seen after 2 weeks of the medicine. It may help patients get off oral steroids.

Hydrocortisone is a glucocorticoid hormone. It decreases your body’s natural defensive response and reduces symptoms such as redness and swelling.

Qvar Inhaler
QVAR™ is the first aerosol spray capable of delivering medication to all parts of the lung including the smallest of breathing tubes.

Pulmicort Turbuhaler is an inhaled corticosteroid. The medication in your Pulmicort Turbuhaler works to reduce and prevent inflammation in your airways and helps manage your asthma symptoms when used regularly.

Flixotide / Flovent Inhaler

Flixotide / Flovent Diskus
Fluticasone, Flixotide or Flovent is a steroid which reduces the inflammation of nasal passages or bronchial tissue. By reducing the inflammation, Fluticasone, Flixotide or Flovent makes breathing easier.

Non Steroidals

Tilade is an anti-inflammatory medication prescribed for use on a regular basis to control symptoms in people with mild to moderate asthma.

Leukotriene Receptor Antagonists

Montair is used as an asthma preventer that comes in a tablet format. It is taken to prevent asthma attacks in patients both day and night, and is also used to prevent asthma attacks brought on by exercise.

Accolate helps prevent asthma attacks. It is prescribed for long-term treatment.

Accolate will not stop an asthma attack once it starts. You will still need to use an airway-opening medication when an attack occurs.

Singulair is the first asthma controller medication in over a decade indicated for use in children as young as 2 years.

Singulair is a new type of medication for the prevention and long-term treatment of asthma. Singulair is steroid-free and offers the convenience of a once-daily tablet.


Physicians prescribe Combivent® Inhalation Aerosol for many reasons. Two common reasons are:

  • It’s more convenient for patients already regularly using two different inhalers.
  • It may be better therapy for patients using either ipratropium bromide or albuterol sulfate alone. Many patients benefit more when they use both.

Both of the medications in Combivent® Inhalation Aerosol, ipratropium bromide and albuterol sulfate, may help open up the airways in the lungs to help air move more easily in and out. Each of the the two medications works differently.

Advair / Seretide MDI

Advair / Seretide Diskus
Seretide contains two types of asthma medication. One is fluticasone propionate, a steroid that reduces inflammation in the lungs. The other, salmeterol, is a long-acting bronchodilator that opens up the airways. Together, the two ingredients provide better control of asthma than either does individually.


Stugeron / Stugeron Forte
Stugeron / Stugeron Forte relieve the symptoms of travel sickness and helps prevent nausea and vomiting.

Patanol is eye drop for preventing itchy eyes caused by seasonal allergies.

Claratyne / Claratin
Claratyne relieves symptoms associated with perennial and seasonal allergies: such as sneezing, nasal discharge and itching, as well as itching and burning of the eyes. Claritin has no drowsy side effects.

Telfast 60mg / Allegra 60mg

Telfast 120mg / Allegra 120mg

Allegra 180mg
Telfast (known in the USA as Allegra) capsules contain an active ingredient called “fexofenadine”. It is one of a group of medicines called “antihistamines”. Antihistamines relieve the symptoms of hives( Urticaria ) hayfever such as sneezing, itchy/watery red eyes and runny nose.

Zyrtec tablets are an anti-allergy remedy containing the active ingredient Cetirizine Hydrochloride 10mg. The most common form of allergy is hayfever, a seasonal disorder occurring during Spring and Summer caused by airborne pollens.

Nasal Sprays

Telnase / Nasacort Nasal Spray
Telnase Nasal Spray is known as Nasacort in the USA and provides non drowsy effective relief of hayfever allergy symptoms.

Azep Nasal Spray – known as Astelin in the USA
Azep Nasal Spray is an antihistamine used for the treatment of hayfever, allergies and nose itchiness.

Nasal beclomethasone dipropionate belongs to a class of anti-inflammatory agents called corticosteroids. It is used to treat seasonal or perennial rhinitis or inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes and to prevent the recurrence of nasal polyps after they have been removed. It works in part by preventing inflammatory cells from releasing their inflammatory contents.

Flixonase / Flonase
Nasal fluticasone propionate belongs to a class of anti-inflammatory agents called corticosteroids. It is used to treat rhinitis or inflammation of the nasal mucus membranes. It works by inhibiting the production of allergic and inflammatory mediators in the body.

Nasonex is a nasal spray to prevent the symptoms of indoor and outdoor allergies such as pet dander, dust mites, mold, and pollens in grass, weeds, and trees.

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