There are a number of medicines available to aid in smoking cessation. 4 Corners Stop Smoking Pharmacy currently stocks the following products.
Zyban is a tablet and is nicotine-free which is distinctly different from nicotine replacement therapy.
SmoQuit is a Generic version of the popular prescription medication Zyban.

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Smoquit is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals in India. India’s 31-year-old patent rules recognize only manufacturing processes and not the products themselves. This allows pharmaceutical companies to use strengths in basic chemistry to produce medicine molecules, which are only slightly different from the original. By choosing a generic equivalent, you can save a significant amount of money. Generic equivalent medications typically cost 30-60 percent less than their brand-name counterparts.
Bupron is another generic version of the popular medication Zyban. Bupron is manufactured by Sun Pharmaceuticals India.
Nicobrevin is a nicotine-free 28 day course of easy-to take capsules formulated to provide gentle therapeutic support while you are giving up smoking.
Nicorette Chewing Gum
Nicorette Gum is a chewing gum containing a nicotine resin. Nicorette gum can assist you to give up smoking, by helping you to get used to life without cigarettes.
Nicorette Patches
The Nicorette patch is the only patch developed exclusively for use while you are awake. The Nicorette patch is a good solution if you smoke at regular intervals during the day and don’t need something to deal with the habit The Nicorette patch provides your body with a constant even supply of nicotine throughout the day.
Nicorette Inhaler Cartridges
The Nicorette Inhaler not only delivers nicotine to your blood to relieve your cravings but also, as it is held in your hand like a cigarette, offers regular hand-to-mouth activity so you are less likely to miss the action of smoking.


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