Brown rice is one of the many sources of carbohydrates for your choice. It is a favorite food for weight loss due to the low glycemic index than regular white rice. In the process, brown rice is made by grinding or skin flaking. The skin layer of brown rice contains a variety of clinically important nutrients and fiber that are essential for health.

In contrast with the white rice that has gone through the process of exfoliation and grinding, so it does not have the fiber content and can even lead to a buildup of calories and increase blood sugar levels. This is why eating brown rice is much healthier than eating white rice.

Here are the health benefits of brown rice that you can get.

Longer satiety

Brown rice is consumed for those who are dieting. It is a complex carbohydrate source that can supply your body with energy periodically and make you full faster when eating them.

British Journal of Nutrition states that by eating complex carbohydrates, such as oatmeal, whole wheat, and brown rice can make a person full sooner and full longer, so avoid eating greedily.

Good Digestion

According to a study, the fiber of brown rice is 6 higher than regular white rice. As we know that the fiber has a variety of benefits to our health, such as:

  1. Digestive system
  2. Lowers the risk of colon cancer
  3. Help to control insulin and blood sugar
  4. Prevent the accumulation of plaque as a result of bad cholesterol
  5. Reduce the risk of hemorrhoids and intestinal irritation, and many more.

Blood Sugar Control

Brown rice has a GI (glycemic index) which is lower than ordinary white rice, so it can help to control blood sugar and insulin production in the body.

Improve Body Endurance

Brown rice is rich in essential minerals such as iron, zinc, and manganese. Iron plays an important role in the production of red blood cells so that can reduce the risk of anemia. Zinc helps the healing process, improve the body’s immune system, and improve male fertility. While manganese is useful to activate the enzyme that is important in bone formation. It is involved in the thyroid hormones production, and helps to maintain healthy nerve tissue.

When you have already known the health benefits of brown rice, then you need to include in your daily intake.

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