Here are some quick tips to try out during the day that won’t get in the way of having fun and spending timewith the family. They’ll also help you feel good and avoid the holiday bloat. Rule 1 – I know you don’t want to set your alarm on your day off but try to get up early and do a little exercise.
Even if it’s just running on the spot for 10 minutes and a few press ups and crunches on the floor. try to do something and spend at least 20 mins doing it. Trust me – this will make you feel energized and buzzing for the day ahead.

4 Tips to Having A Healthy Thanksgiving

Rule 2 – Pace yourself. Today is not a competition to see how much you can eat and drink. the moment you feel full, put your fork down and clear your plate away if you need to. Don’t just ignore your tummy – listen to it. Turkey is actually a great low fat meat to eat and the vegetables are good for you so eat a decent portion but try to lay off pastries and breads if you can and don’t have a carb fest.

Rule 3 – Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated and make you feel full so you’ll eat less. Keep a large bottle on the dining table and drink a large glass before the meal. it really will make you feel less hungry and chances are that you’ll eat what you need, now what your eyes devour.

Rule 4 – play some fun games with the family after the meal – don’t just fall asleep in front of the TV. Maybe even wrap up warm and get everyone to go one a short walk with you. You’ll all feel great afterwards.

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