Addictive substances are not only found in drugs, but also in certain foods. Despite having different effects of drugs, some foods can also ruin your diet program.


This is the food that considered as one of the most addictive foods. There are certain alkaloids in chocolate that is very similar to that found in alcohol. That’s not the only reason that makes chocolate becomes addictive. Caffeine and sugar found in chocolate also cause addiction. In fact, chocolate is one food that is used to combat alcoholism.

Ice cream

Research has shown that addiction to ice cream and cocaine almost reached the same level. These foods include addictive because your brain can change in response to stimulation of food. This is mainly due to the high fat and sugar content in ice cream.


One study has shown that some types of cheese contain morphine and caseine can cause addiction. This is one reason why people keep asking for more cheese in a serving of food.


Different types of sweet foods like candy, is one type of food that is very addictive. This addiction usually starts at a young age. When you consume sugar, there are more insulin to be produced in your body. It causes you want to eat sweet foods more.

Fast food

Another very addictive food is a kind of fast food. This is because almost all the addictive elements contained in fast food such as fat, sugar, cheese, salt, and casein. It can cause severe food addiction is quite difficult to overcome.

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