HIIT is widely known as the short and effective exercises to burn fat. It is loved by many people, especially those who have problems with weight. High Intensity Interval Training or abbreviated by HIIT is designed to increase metabolism and burns body fat. This exercise can also help to improve the development of fast muscle fibers (fast twitch fibers ) which are widely used by non- endurance athletes  to improve muscle memory as well as speed and power.

How to Perform High Intensity Interval Training?

If you like running, cycling, and swimming, try to combine those exercises with HIIT techniques. You have to do explosive movements, for example, if you select the track, then you have to sprint for 15 seconds and then a brisk walk 30 seconds, then repeat these two steps for 15-30 minutes. Easy right?

The first study found the Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training in order to increase fat burning conducted by a team of researchers at Laval University (Ste-Foy, Quebec, Canada) in 1994. They reported that a man and a woman who has followed the HIIT program for 15 weeks experienced a significant decrease in body fat than the other groups who do regular exercise for 20 weeks.

The findings turned out to ‘tickle’ the other scientists to validate these results. The team of researchers from around the world began to conduct in-depth studies regarding the benefits of HIIT to maximize fat burning and weight loss.

24 Hour Burn Calories

Sports experts from Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, Texas) in 1996 reported that subjects who do HIIT using stationary bike has increased the body ‘s ability to burn calories. In fact, the calorie burn until the next 24 hours after exercise.

HIIT reduces 2 % Body Fat in 8 Weeks

A study conducted by a team of researchers East Tennessee State University in 2001 found that, subjects were trained for 8 weeks with HIIT method succeeded in reducing their body fat as much as 2 percent. While other subjects that do not use HIIT did not show a decrease in the percentage of fat in their bodies, even though the duration of their training together.

Burn Fat 6 Times More

Australian study reported that women who do a 20 minute HIIT workout, 8 second sprint (sprint), followed by 12 seconds of rest, known to burn fat 6 times more than other women that regular cardio exercise for 40 minutes.

Burn 100 Calories or More

The study which is presented in the Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine in 2007 reported that subjects who do HIIT managed to burn almost 10 percent of calories for 24 hours after exercise.

Researchers added that HIIT can increase the metabolic processes in the muscles and blunt the body’s ability to store fat.

Reduce Fat Enzymes

A study from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, reported that subjects with the metabolic syndrome following the 16 -week HIIT program experienced a 100 percent greater decrease in fat producing enzymes that degrade compared to other subjects who did moderate -intensity exercise.

High Intensity Interval Training 8 Weeks Exercise Program

Well, if you already know the effectiveness of HIIT in burning fat, it’s time you try this exercise. This exercise programmed for 8 weeks from the easiest level to the advanced level. You can choose your own favorite workout either, running, jumping rope, treadmill, swimming, or other cardio exercises.

As an example we will use a practice run as the easiest form of exercise. Perform this exercise 2-3 times a week.

Phase I – week 1-2

Sprint : 15 seconds

Road fast : 60 seconds

Repeat the above two steps for 14 minutes

Finish with a sprint 15 seconds

Phase II – week 3-4

Sprint : 30 seconds

Road fast : 60 seconds

Repeat the above two steps for as long as 17 minutes

Finish with a sprint 30 seconds

Phase III – week 5-6

Sprint : 30 seconds

Road fast : 30 seconds

Repeat the above two steps for 19 minutes

Finish with a sprint 30 seconds

Phase IV – week 7-8

Sprint : 30 seconds

Road fast : 15 seconds

Repeat the above two steps for 20 minutes

Finish with a sprint of 30 seconds.

To avoid injury, you should warm up 2-5 minutes before exercise. The duration of heating and HIIT workout should be separated, so that the duration of your HIIT workout according to the program arranged.

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