Collagen is definitely one of the key factors to keeping your skin young. Sure, there are tons of creams and what have you that you smother on to give it a good boost, but if you really want some good results, then you have to begin from within and eat the right stuff too.

So here are the top 5 foods that increase collagen production. Read on and find a way to eat them day to day.

498152_soja_1Soy Products

Want to say goodbye to those darn wrinkles? Then it’s time to say ahoy to soy. Soy cheese, soy milk, and even soy substitutes for meat, such as tofu, have a little element called genistein- this is basically what gives soy it’s collagen forming qualities PLUS, it even acts as an antioxidant. How great is that?

Wait, it gets even better. Aside from being amazing for your skin, soy product can also lower you cholesterol, so it is good for your heart, and it has also been proven to reduce the risk of breast and prostate cancer.

1262256_saladGreen Leafy Veggies

Okay, it is pretty much a given that green leafy veggies are good for your health, however, not a lot of people know that it is good for your collagen production too. Well, it is. Heck, these vegetables are good for your skin in general. Jam packed with lutein, which too is an antioxidant, great source of vitamin C, keep skin hydrated, as well as upping your skin’s elasticity- to top it all off, they also help your body’s ability to use this protein properly and much more effectively.

Kale, spinach, and asparagus top the list.

Increase Collagen ProductionRed Fruits And Veggies

From green to red, spinach to tomatoes, red fruits and veggies also belong on the collagen boosting list. Beets, peppers, watermelon, red grape fruit-you name it. “Reds” are also jam packed with antioxidants, which means that they are great anti aging foods altogether. Aside from that, they are usually a rich source of lycopene, which only means more health benefits- prevention of prostate cancer as well as lower cholesterol.

But regarding your skin, what you will really like about lyvopene is that it actually helps fight off collagenases- nasty enzymes that make you look older by killing off the collagen in your body.


Apparently, beans really are the so called “magical fruit” as the childish rhyme goes- but only because they contain hyaluronic acid. Just think, Hyaluronic acid can retain water, which pretty much means that hydrates you skin- and keeps it hydrated. It increases your skin’s elasticity as well as strength too leaving you with firm plum skin.

To reap the benefits, you should try for at least two tablespoons, heaping, of beans each and every day.


The spice of youthful life- garlic. What does garlic have to do with collagen, you may wonder? Well, the answer is sulfur. You see, garlic is one of the best sources of sulfur. Collagen cannot be produced without sulfur. Put two and two together and there you have it.

Add the lipoic acid that you get from garlic as well as the taurine and you have one super spice. You see, these two, on the other hand, don’t really produce but more like rebuild collagen fibers that have been damaged.
The best part? It it can give just about any meal a nice flavorful kick too.

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