There’s no doubt that it’s very easy to eat unhealthily – we are spoilt for bad choice when it comes to food, whether it be the office canteen and its bacon and egg toasted sarmies, or the 5 million fast food places on the way home from work.

Sometimes eating healthily can seem like an impossible challenge – and it’s very easy to slip back into bad eating habits.

This is why the following 5 healthy eating tips make it EASY to change your lifestyle.

1. Carry healthy snacks around with you

loss1As human beings we should be walking through forests and fields, enjoying nature and grazing from fruit trees, berry bushes and the earth. Since most of our time is spent sitting down behind a desk or a steering wheel, the next best thing to foraging for food is to carry healthy snack packs around to keep the metabolism high and the blood sugar regulated. If you are anything like me you get cranky when you get hungry, and healthy snacking in the key to preventing a blood sugar blowout.

Here are some ideas for snacks you can keep on you or at your desk:

  • Boiled eggs
  • Trail mix (dry fruit and nuts)
  • Health shakes
  • Fresh fruit
  • Health bars (check the ingredients carefully for high sugar and fat)

2. Eat your vegetables

Make vegetable eating part of your daily nutrition – vegetables can be delicious if prepared properly. Avoid tasteless and canned vegetables and keep things as fresh as possible.

The important thing is to find vegetables that are good quality and that taste good.

Eating lots of fresh vegetables will prevent you from wanting to cram your face full of junk.

3. Eat lots of protein at breakfast time

Protein keeps you going, rebuilds muscles and boosts your metabolism all day – so it’s a great idea to start your day with some protein in whatever form you enjoy.

4. Don’t eat processed and refined foods

Keep your food as “whole” as possible and avoid foods that are processed and stuffed full of artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. Think food from the fruit and vegetable market instead of food from the frozen food section.

Eat fresh food instead of canned food where possible. Take a little time to prepare food from scratch instead of tossing something into the microwave oven for 3 minutes.

Eating healthily means eating as NATURALLY as possible.

5. Enjoy what you eat

Nothing puts you off healthy eating more than poorly prepared “health food” – it’s very possible to enjoy healthy food that TASTES GREAT if it is prepared well. Don’t become fanatical about your eating – find your balance and eat some junk from time to time so that you don’t feel like you are denying yourself. Remember to get plenty of exercise, rest, drink lots of water and cut down on stress as much as possible and you will find the balance and moderation that will keep you healthy for years to come without feeling like you are on a fad diet.

I would love to read what your ideas are about healthy eating, so please add your comments below.

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