Sneezing because of allergic rhinitis can lead to colds which can then lead to cough which eventually can cause an asthma attack. Here are 5 proven ways that my son does religiously to prevent asthma and allergic rhinitis attacks.

  • Wipe, Don’t Vacuum

This was the very first advice given by my son’s Allergologist (Allergist / Immunologist). Especially if the person with asthma is around, vacuuming is not advisable since some of the dust just flies around and still takes a few minutes to settle. Instead of using a vacuum cleaner, a wet towel should instead be used to wipe appliances, the floor and everything else that’s dusty.

  • Daily Dose of Vitamin C

We always have a big bottle of Vitamin C syrup in the house. My son doesn’t leave the house without taking 10ml of this important vitamin. If there is a big bottle of Ceelin Chewables, that’s what I would buy. But because I don’t have the time to weekly go to the pharmacy, we just buy the biggest bottle of Ceelin Syrup.

  • No Pets Allowed

Fish for a pet is fine. But exposure to furry animals, fur and smell, should be avoided. Once inhaled by a person with asthma, it can lead to serious wheezing!

  • No Smoking

Tobacco and cigarette smoke is bad for anyone, so what more for someone who has allergies and asthma disease.

  • Exercise

Swimming helped my son fight asthma and allergic rhinitis attacks. He started swimming when he was 2 years old. He added basketball, soccer and running when he started going to school. He’s 11 years old now and rarely experience asthma attacks. Seasonal allergies, yes. But asthma attacks, no. This year, he hasn’t had a single attack yet. Fingers-crossed he won’t have any.

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