You’ve heard the saying “Provide an umbrella before rain” or “It’s better to prevent than cure”. Preventive action is an important factor in order to maintain health. Many people focus to do things big and expensive to prevent disease came, while the small things they often ignore. Well, here are some simple steps that you can apply in everyday life to be free of disease. In addition, you do not need to pay expensive to do these habits.

Washing Your Hand Regularly

The first step for prevention is maintaining your personal hygiene. Wash your hands regularly for 20 seconds to remove germs, do this before and after eating, and also after you exit the toilet, touching furniture, chemicals, mud, and so forth.

Health experts recommend that we should wash hands with flowing warm water and use anti- bacterial soap. Make sure you clean your hands properly, between fingers and nails well, because usually dirt that contains bacteria is often caught in this area.

Walking 15 Minutes Every Day

Walk 15 minutes every day is one of the best healthy habits. It can help blood keep flowing, lowers cholesterol, and keep heart health. Walking is the easiest and inexpensive sport that can be done by anyone. So, tuck this healthy activity in your midst.

Being Hygienic When Using Public Toilets

When you are in a public restroom, avoid using the toilets towels available for drying hands, it is better to use a tissue and dryers are provided. In these circumstances, you should bring your own towels or wet wipes for cleaning hands are sterile to avoid contamination of germs and bacteria.

Being Hygienic When Cooking

Prepare food hygienically by washing your hands before and after eating. When you are cooking seafood, meat and raw poultry, it is important to clean it before cooking. Do not use the same plate for storing cooked food with raw. Adjust the temperature of the engine coolant temperature to store food properly in it.

Wearing a Mask While Driving

If you are a biker, make wearing a mask as your habit, so you are protected from pollution on the highway. Pollution on the highway either from vehicles or from a particular industry makes the body susceptible exposed to free radicals that can lead to many dangerous diseases. Not only bikers, people who drive a car are also advised to wear a mask on the highway.

Providing Medicines at Home

Provide medicines at home for the first treatment if a family member sick. Keep the medication storage area away from children’s reach and clean of dirt. If providing medicine in the home does not make goo results, promptly contact your doctor to get further treatment.

Health is an important and the best gift of God that given to you. Maintaining health by using those healthy habits of course will provide a better life to you.

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