Being conscious about your age or your appearance as you age isn’t simply the domain of women. Men are also a bit touchy about it, even if they don’t often want to own up to it. The truth is no one wants to look old. Everyone wants to appear desirable, youthful and vibrant. No one wants wrinkles, grey hairs and dull skin.

7 Homemade Anti Aging And Skin Care Products For Men

And the cosmetics industries are cottoning onto this by offering more and more “products” specifically aimed at men. They are generally more low key than female equivalents and even cheaper in many cases but that doesn’t mean they are cheap. So availing yourself with the latest anti-aging skin care products for men can cost a pretty penny. So for all the “penny pinchers” out there, here are 7 things you can do with regular home ingredients to make your own anti aging and skin care products.

1.Water – What could be simpler. Plain drinking water is probably the simplest and well documented anti aging remedy. It is especially good for the skin as dry skin is more susceptible to environmental conditions like UVA and UVB radiation from the Sun. And dry or inflamed skin, over an extended period of time is likely to lead to wrinkles and other lines that are associated with older age.

7 Homemade Anti Aging And Skin Care Products For Men - water bottles

A well hydrated body also makes you more productive both physically and mentally.

It recommended that you consume 6-8 glasses per day but it’s so much easier just to carry a bottle around with you and take a swig every now and then.

2.Pineapple – make your own facial cleanser with a pukker pineapple. Get a slice of fresh pineapple and rub gently into the face and leave it to dry for about 10-15 minutes. Then rinse the face with cold water.

Get into the habit of cleansing the face. This not only cleans the skin, and makes the pores smaller but the pineapple can act as an exfoliant which removed dead surface layer skin cells and promotes  the generation of new skin cells. This will make your face look younger..

3. Potato – Slice a common or garden (or supermarket) potato and place around the skin under your eyes. The starch in the potato juice will draw out moisture hence reducing the puffiness. It can also redcue dark circles under the eyes too. Leave the potato slices on the eye area for around 15-20 minutes. Remove the residue and apply your own eye moisturizing cream.

4. Lemons – Another fairly common product that can be turned into an anti aging product is lemon. Add a few drops of lemon juice onto a cotton swab and gently dab it into the face/ It also acts as a cleanser but is also believed to help decrease uneven skin tone, age spots and brighten dull skin.

5. Papaya – Eating papaya aids in preventing aging since it is rich in anti-oxidants. Plenty of fruits are good anti-oxidants so you can eat your papaya or turn it into a product instead. Get a ripe papaya and mash up the flesh. Apply to your face as a mask for about 20 minutes. Anti-oxidants in fruit like papaya can help with free radical damage on surface layer skin. It can also act as a gentle exfoliating mask to remove old cells and encourage new cell production. But wait ! Don’t use all your papaya just yet !

7 Homemade Anti Aging And Skin Care Products For Men - papaya

Combo time !

6. Papaya, Honey, and Pineapple – With these ingredients, you could create another homemade facial mask which has heaps of anti aging benefits for men and women…hey, skin is skin after all. This mixture hydrates, moisturizes, exfoliates, brightens skin color and rejuvenates the skin. Mash the fruits into a paste like consistency and add to the honey. You now have a sticky, gloopy mess that you can place on your face. Leave it on for 20 or so minutes. Rinse off with water and your skin will feel like a million dollars – well it’ll feel fresh and clean anyhow.

7. Egg White, Peach, and Honey – This final “product” uses honey too. It’s another facemask that is supposed to be great for tightening the skin. Combine egg white, ripe flesh of the peach and honey into a blender and wait until it becomes smooth. Put the mixture into the face and let it dry. Rinse with water and dab with clean towel.

There you go, 7 simple recipes you can make at home that give you skin a bit of love. After all, skin takes the brunt of everyday life – sunlight, dirt, pollution and often suffers when you are stressed or don’t look after the body as a whole. So help it out once in a while and it’ll serve you well, no matter what age you are.

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