Who is not familiar with green beans? This healthy food was already known since thousands of years ago. At first the green beans came from India, and began to spread to all corners of the world through trade. Thousands of years ago the green beans have been used for various things. Ranging from food sources to the media treatment.

Ancient Chinese nation even use green beans to reduce the heat and remove toxins in the body. Until now, the green beans still a healthy diet.

As a source of healthy food, green beans enriched with various essential nutrients to support health, including:

Rich in Proteins

Green beans can be an alternative source of protein for vegetarians. Protein content in each 100 grams of green beans is about 7 grams of protein. Proteins in green beans have a complete amino acid profile and can be absorbed quicker by the body. Protein is useful to help the formation of muscle cells, accelerate recovery, improve endurance, and helps you full longer.

Rich in Fiber

The fiber content in 100 grams of green beans is about 7.6 g fiber. This amount can meet the daily fiber requirement for 30 percent. Fiber is beneficial to maintain gastrointestinal function, prevent constipation, and help lower cholesterol.

Containing Omega – 3

Green beans are also enriched with Omega-3 about 0.9 mg/100gr and Omega-6 at 119 mg/100gr. As we know that these essential fatty acids are useful for lowering cholesterol and maintain heart health.

Rich in Vitamins & Minerals

Green beans contain folic acid at 159 μg/100 g and vitamin B1 of 0.2 mg/100 g. Not only that, these foods are also equipped with riboflavin, B6, Pantothenat acid, and niacin, which are useful to help metabolism and keep the organ functions properly.

Green beans are also rich in minerals. In 100 grams of green beans contained potassium ( 266 mg ), phosphorus ( 99 mg ), manganese ( 48 mg ), calcium ( 27 mg ), magnesium ( 0.3 mg ), iron ( 1.4 mg ), zinc ( 0, 8 mg ), selenium ( 2.5 mg ).

Green Beans Nutrition Benefits

Several green beans nutritional benefits below will show you how useful the green beans to your body:

Help Growth

It contains complete protein which helps the growth and formation of body cells, organs, muscle, and brain.

Improve Nutrition Absorption

The study revealed that lack of vitamin B1 causes the metabolism slowing down so that the absorption of nutrients from food is not running optimally. Vitamin B1 and active enzymes are contained in green beans which can correct that condition.

Prevent Heart Disease

These foods contain high fiber which serves to cleanse the digestive tract, increase intestinal peristalsis, thereby reducing the time dirt accumulates in the intestine. Fiber also plays a role in lowering levels of bad cholesterol in the body and making it effective for preventing cardiovascular diseases such as heart disease and stroke.

Prevent Anemia

Enriched with zinc and iron make the green beans as the food option for overcoming anemia. These foods also help the balance of hormones and glandular systems, as well as keeping the body’s metabolism.

With the complete green beans nutrition benefits which are so great, do not hesitate to enter the green beans into your daily menu.

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