Since it is one of the leading causes of premature death in the United States, it is often asked if there is a cure for heart disease. The term heart disease encompasses a number of different illnesses; these illnesses all affect the heart in one way or another. The most widespread types of heart disease are: ischaemic, coronary, pulmonary, hereditary, hypertensive, inflammatory and valvular heart disease.

When considering a cure for heart disease it is important to understand what the causes are. At the onset of heart disease, lesions and cracks develop in the walls of blood vessels. These appear at positions in the walls of the blood vessels that bear the most pressure or stress. In the second stage of development, the body tries to repair itself by placing lipoproteins and cholesterol over the lesions inside the blood vessels in an attempt to fill in these cracks.Картинки по запросу  heart disease

Some of the dangerous types of heart disease do not display any noticeable symptoms. Warning signs go unnoticed and this creates an extremely dangerous situation since it is impossible to even suspect that one might be suffering from heart disease. Generally though, the symptoms of heart disease vary widely and depend greatly on the type of heart disease that has manifested.

Possible Cures For Heart Disease

There are many different types of treatment available for heart disease. However, it is generally agreed that there is no singular cure for heart disease. Many theories have been presented that indicate progress towards a cure for heart disease and some of them appear to be very promising. However none of these potential treatment methods approved for general use since many are still in their experimental phases.

Cellular therapy is one treatment protocol that is being considered as a potential cure for heart disease. This is due to the fact that certain cellular products have shown great potential when they have been used to treat damage to diseased tissue in the human body. Cellular therapy is sourced from a variety of areas such as bone marrow, peripheral blood, stem cells, myloblasts and skeletal muscles.

Cellular therapy in the treatment to source a cure for heart disease is a rapidly growing area of clinical research. The potential of cell therapy treatment in the search for a cure for heart disease for patients suffering from congestive and ischemic heart disease, for instance, is of great scientific interest to medical research and also for treating physicians.

Cellular therapy, has offered to date, unbelievably positive results, and the research into this therapy is ongoing. Who knows, with further research and more progression in regards to cellular therapy it might become known as the cure for heart disease. Obviously there are also many forms of treatment that are just as well respected and adhere to the same high standards as cellular therapy. But ongoing research, clinical trials and further investigations will be the only way to tell what the most successful approach to a cure for heart disease will be.

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