Not just on the road, even in professional life, at home and during leisure time and again it comes to accidents, injuries and other ailments have resulted. Different types of accidents have shared their own typical injury. Injuries are not only external wounds, internal injuries or bone fractures that occur in traffic accidents or sports, but also burns or poisoning, just like small children they raise in the budget. In such cases, first aid can save lives and mitigate damage.

The most important element of first aid is to breathing and heartbeat to save the injured. Respiration and heart massage, appropriate measures to do so; in unconscious casualties, it is also important, keeping the airways, thus suffocating the victim rather than on their own vomit. In less dramatic accidents rich but often sufficient comfort and a proper wound care. The main aim of first aid is to preserve the life of the injured and to limit damage. The basic techniques to be taught in courses that are offered by various institutions, such as adult education centers, the Red Cross and other emergency services.

In Germany there is to know for the purchase of the license requirement, at least in the immediate life-saving measures at the scene (LSM). For many professions, there are also separate first-aid courses, such as first aid for children for emergencies, or Educator First aid for sports injuries for trainers. In Germany, everyone makes a criminal offense, which is doing no emergency first aid. However, he is thereby put themselves at risk or not “violate other important duties.

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