Acne is common skin disorder affecting almost 80% of youth and 5% of the adults according to one survey. When acne becomes stubborn and eventually heals, it leaves the marks behind called as acne scars. Acne scars are post-effect of the acne and remains throughout life if they are not treated in time. Acne scars are embarrassing situation for a person having it. He or she spends lot of time and money to find acne scar solution.

Acne scars can be classified according to their size, appearance and shape. They can be Icepick, Rolling and Boxcar. They can also be tagged as early or permanent on the basis of their duration. New or early scars give good response to topical medications. Permanent scars need to be treated with the combination of topical skin care medications in tandem with specially selected surgical and other skin resurfacing methods.

Acne scars solution houses at least half dozen surgical procedures. Each of these treatments has benefits and pitfalls. Surgeon closely examines the patient’s age, medical history and the local area. Skin’s type and type of the acne scar is also important to perform proper acne scars solution.

When dermal fillers are used, a surgeon injects fillers like collagen and hyaluronic acid derivatives beneath the skin. By performing this technique, the base of the scar is raised to the level of normal skin and then, ‘punch excision’ is used to remove this scar.

Acne scar solution for Boxcar and icepack scars making an incision in the skin with something called punch biopsy tool and stitching the edges of the skin together. The new scar heals by leaving the skin clear. Punch excision with skin graft replacement is alteration of the punch excision technique. Other than suturing the skin after excision, many times surgeons take a skin graft and use it to repair the scar.

Another acne scar solution is offered by the latest technology called as laser technology in which, laser beam is hit over the affected area. Laser has capacity to burn and so this property is used to burn the acne scar area. The type of laser is decided after examining the acne scar and the skin type on which it is located. The depth is also decided i.e. up to what depth the layer is to be burnt. After deciding all the factors, the laser beam is hit for a period of particular time. Once the procedure is over, the skin is allowed to heal automatically. However, you are also supplied by some cosmetic lotions to tone up your skin and to help in healing it fast.

There are lot of other acne scars solutions like chemical peel, grafting and the plastic surgery containing various other methods. Though internal therapies don’t work much, but some green leafy vegetables, fresh fruit juices and some of the herbs that purify the blood can be taken as acne scars solution. There are some essential oils which are been used as acne scar solutions since years as one of the safest methods. Certain vitamin supplement may help getting rid of the acne scars.

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