As a result of today’s medically advanced world, we are all looking for a quick label or diagnosis and a quick solution to our symptoms. Generally speaking, having a certain medical condition that persists throughout life is not necessarily good, however, in the case of ADD/ADHD it can be a really good thing Surprised? You need not be. Typically, a child with ADD/ADHD is a quick smart kid that has a high IQ and can “tune in or tune out” quickly depending on their level of interest in the topic or subject matter. These children usually do not get great grades in school, but later on in life may become hugely successful in their chosen fields of work.Похожее изображение There are numerous examples of well-known or famous people who have struggled with ADD/ADHD when they were younger and today are looked upon as some of America’s brightest leaders. These are people who have learned how to tap into resources which are present in the right side of the brain (the insightful, instinctive, artistic, creative a nd spontaneous side of the brain).

So, unleash the potential in your child as well as yourself and let ADD/ADHD be an asset not a liability!

ADD/ADHD Treatment – The Key is Combination Therapy . As the dawn of a new school year draws closer, our focus will again turn to ADD/ADHD. Approximately 8-10 percent of school-aged children have ADD/ADHD, and each school year inevitably brings new diagnoses. If a teacher or school administrator reports that your child is demonstrating any of the symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD, ensure that your child receives a comprehensive medical evaluation. Your child’s primary care physician will conduct thorough mental and physical examinations in order to provide an accurate diagnosis. Depending on your child’s condition, they may subsequently refer your child to see a specialist. If that is the case be sure to find a specialist that both you, and your child, feel comfortable with.

There is a vast array of ADD/ADHD treatments available to your child. This includes conventional pharmaceutical medication, behavioral therapy, tailored educational programs, changes in diet, nutritional supplements etc. In addition, parental training and involvement plays a major role in the success of an ADHD child. Remember, your child is much more likely to succeed if all parties combine their efforts. This means that parents, health care providers and teachers must work together to facilitate your child’s achievement of goals.

According to an article by HealthDay News, “A new review of past studies on the effect that attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) drugs have on children’s growth concludes that the drugs do, in fact, suppress growth to some degree.” Also in that article is a direct quote from one of the doctors, Dr. Omar Khwaja, involved in the study that states, “There was a significant effect on growth for both height and weight during the duration of treatment.”

The combination of this news, recent FDA mandated “black box” warnings, and press coverage regarding side effects such as suicidal tendencies and increased risk of heart attacks may cause you to disregard conventional treatment methods and seek alternative routes. While there are numerous alternative treatment options, it is worth bearing in mind that every child is biochemically unique; therefore it would be unwise to disregard possibly effective treatment in the form of conventional medication without consulting your healthcare provider first. Картинки по запросу add/adhd

When a child is diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, it is natural for parents to despair and blame themselves for their child’s behavioral problems. While parenting techniques have an effect on cases of ADD/ADHD they are not the root cause, in fact, it is much more likely to be caused by neurobiological issues or genetic predisposition. When managed correctly, a child with ADD/ADHD will not only keep up with their peers, they can in fact surpass them. In order to achieve this, both you and your child must develop tailored coping mechanisms. By working with your child’s healthcare provider and their teachers, this is perfectly attainable.

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