AIDS  stands for Acquired immunodeficiency Syndrome. AIDS is caused by a virus called HIV (Human immune deficiency virus). As it is clear from its name, when this virus  enter into human body, multiply there and then starts affecting human immune system. HIV attacks on T-cells of the body.When immune system of human body is completely destroyed, the patient is considered as AIDS patient. A healthy human’s immune system is always fighting against pathogens while AIDS patient immune system is not able to do so.
That’s why sickness in such patients is increased day by day and they become the victim of different sort of health problems.Похожее изображение

AIDS History:  
AIDS was discovered in early 80′s. In 1981, infection in lungs were reported in Los Angles America in homosexual men. In youngsters, tumors were reported in skin and other parts of body along with other infections and immunodeficiency was observed. Group of people showing these signs and symptoms were homosexuals, users of drug injections with a single syringe and the people whom blood was transfused. Therefore it was suspected that this particular disease was spread due to sex and blood transfusion. In 1984 the responsible pathogen had been identified and later on in 1986 It was named HIV.

AIDS Prevention Tips:    
Any one can be the victim of AIDS regardless of sex and age. Main cause of AIDS in the world is unfair sexual relations with men or women who is already a carrier of HIV may suffer you in HIV or AIDS. Therefore keep yourself in limits. Be in mind HIV carrier parents cause AIDS in their off springs. In third world countries  the second big source of AIDS is instruments used in hair salons. They are not properly sterilized. Some time a single razor is used for many times in different customers. Be careful while going to hair salons for shave or hair settings. Check instruments by yourself whether they are properly sterilized or not. The third source is the use of used syringe.It may cause HIV or AIDS. Always use the new syringe for injection. Before transfusing blood, check it for screening then use.

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