Some studies suggest that wine (drink of fermented wine) is good for health, but consuming these drinks do not good to people with diabetes.  Alcoholic beverages which are consumed by people with diabetes can lead to a variety of serious health problems.

The effect of consuming a small glass of alcohol in people with diabetes, equal to twice the number of calories per gram of carbohydrates and proteins.

The number of calories that can increase fast and in a big amount, because the process of digesting the alcohol in the body, the same as when the body digest fats. Therefore, consuming alcohol can accelerate the increase in blood sugar levels. Components of calories in some alcoholic beverages per serving, can reach 120 calories.

Pure alcohol contains 7 calories each gram and 95.9 calories per serving. In one glass of beer, calories stored are 6-15 calories, while red wine reached 31 calories.

There are also various side effects of alcohol on people. Below are the bad effects of alcohol for diabetics as quoted from

1. Alcohol can affect the workings of insulin in the body, thus messing up the positive effects of the drugs which are consumed by people with diabetes.

2. Alcohol can increase the bad fat deposits in the body (triglycerides), which increases the risk disiplidemia in diabetics.

3. Alcohol also can stimulate hunger, so it increased your appetite. Furthermore, too many foods in people with diabetes, can increase blood sugar levels significantly.

4. In addition to causing nausea and increase heart rate, alcohol also increases the blood pressure. Diabetics with hypertension triggered faster than people who are not non-diabetic.

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