The consumption of an alcohol has become the fashion in this modern era. From ancient time itself man has enjoyed being intoxicated. It was used as an important part of social occasions and rituals. So the trend is still continuing. Now a day’s alcohol consumption is regarded as one of the most serious public health problem, in entire world.

Following are the some of effects of excess of alcohol consumption on our body:-

1. Effects on digestive system:
– It disturbs the absorption of nutrients from intestines. As it blocks the physiological absorption of Nutrients.

– Chance of developing peptic ulcer is high and various disorders of pancreas can be seen.

– Excess of alcohol consumption leads to loss of appetite, indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea and intestinal bleeding.

2. Effect on liver.
– Regular consumption reduces the normal functioning of liver.  The main disorder is alcoholic hepatitis, and cirrhosis of liver is common.  The shrinking and fibrosis of liver are common symptoms of cirrhosis of liver.

3. Effects on muscles.
– Muscular pain and weakness are manifested as the result of degeneration of contractile fibrils of the muscles.

4. Effect on circulatory system.

– The risk of coronary artery diseases, are very high in case of heavy drinkers.
– Increased blood pressure.

5. Effect on nervous system.

– The simple molecular structure of alcohol crosses the blood brain barrier, the physiological barrier which protects the brain from chemicals and drugs.
– Induces sleep
– Reduces the memory power.
– Prolonged excess intake affects the brain stem and spinal cord leading to lethargy, lack of concentration, attention.  Ultimately it leads to coma and death.

6. Effects on reproductive system.
– In males, sperm production is reduced by testes.
– In females, if alcohol is consumed during pregnancy, babies may die in the womb itself, or may born with deformity.

– The person who addicts to alcohol loses much money. It leads to financial problems, and home management may get altered.
– The care of spouse may be neglected.
– The love towards children is altered.

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