What is acidosis or an acidic body?Acidosis or an acidic body is when your body is out of balance and the ph level is low due to an accumulation of waste matter in the system. Usually an acidic body tries to excrete toxins through bowel movement, skin eruptions and urination. On occasions due to poor elimination or excessive acidic environment these toxins may accumulate. The average diet consists mainly of acid forming foods such as TV dinners, fast food, coffee, soda, sugar, pasta, dairy, meat, refined starch and alcohol. The result of eating these acid forming foods will literally clog up your system resulting in long term health concerns. Other causes of an over acidic body may include chemical exposure via commercial skin, body and hair care products, household detergents and lawn pesticides to name a few. Be Aware Of Imitations many other “alkaline supplements sold for pH body balance” are made with alkaline chemical ingredients, these alkaline chemical ingredients may have the opposite effect!

Take Action, Alkalize Your Body and Remove Unwanted Acidic Fluids… To Improve Your pH Body Balance and Health.
How can you tell if your body ph is acidic? Your body may warn you by developing symptoms such as allergies, fatigue, acne, arthritis, asthma, foot fungus, restlessness, insomnia, boils, bronchitis, itchy skin, health problemss, frequent colds and flu, diarrhea, constipation and even eczema. You may want to test your saliva with litmus pH testers. The pH of your body may fluctuate from hour to hour and day to day, any test is a general guide. You may think that your pH body balance levels are great, with no need to take action. Remember prevention is far better than any cure

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