Today, we’re all a little roses: the International Day against Breast Cancer. So we wanted to see two specialists about the latest developments in the field of oncology. In addition we tell how the tomosynthesis, an innovative detection and study of breast cancer that has recently come to our country, and answer a strange question: Does it affect breast cancer man?

Interview with Dr. Elena Jiménez : “Breast cancer is a very serious disease that currently has a high cure rate.”

What is Tomosynthesis? : Tejerina Foundation has introduced a new technology that allows you to locate non-palpable tumors more effectively.
Interview with Dr. Jose Luis Martin del Yerro , unit chief of plastic surgery, reconstructive and aesthetic Quiron Hospital in Madrid: The future of breast reconstruction is to use the fat from the patient.

Does breast cancer affect humans? : Although usually associated with female sex, also affects men .
Identified the key genetic breast cancer : The Spanish scientist Joan Massagué just identified the molecular weapons that allow breast cancer scroll a long way to the brain and cross barriers. The finding could lead to new drugs against metastasis.
The first baby without breast cancer gene : With Assisted Reproduction Program at the Hospital Sant Pau, Barcelona and Puigvert Foundation, was born late last year the first Spanish child without this genetic material dangerous.
Detect breast cancer earlier: Just created a technology to detect this cancer before. Discover it.
Nuts breast cancer: In Spain, about 16,000 diagnosed cases of breast cancer each year. These women could have the best ally as simple as nuts.

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