You discovered how eggs can be a pretty special source of …well…lots of vitamins and minerals that help the skin, eyes and the brain to name just a few. In fact, eggs are “a good egg” all round but with Easter just around the corner, even Easter eggs can be good for you….

Are chocolate easter eggs good for you ?By Easter eggs I mean chocolate of course and who doesn’t love Chocolate. But it has to be the right chocolate.

It has to contain 80 % cocoa solids. This is typically referred to as dark chocolate which is not as yummy as milk chocolate in my opinion but can actually be good for you in limited quantities.

Get The Right Chocolate

Note: Check the labeling of your Easter egg or any chocolate you buy for cocoa solids content. Dark chocolate can range from 35% to 90% cocoa solid. The higher the content the more beneficial the chocolate will be.

Chocolate with 80% cocoa solids can be a source of some powerful anti-oxidants and mood altering substances.

Why Is Dark Chocolate Good For You ?

It contains the following substances :

Flavon-3-ol antioxidants catechin and epicatechin.

Found in cocoa, these powerful anti-oxidants are thought to have many healthy benefits. For instance, they are thought to reduce the oxidative stress caused in the mitochondria of the cells.

Arginine is an amino-acid that is thought to stimulate the growth hormone. Growth hormone secretion diminshes with age so this may have a beneficial effect on the aging process. It may also help reduce stress which is a leading cause of cellular aging.

Anandamide is a cannabinoid neurotransmitter which induces a blissful or happy mental state.

Theobromine is a milder form of caffeine. It is thought to stimulate the heart and also dilate blood vessels. Thus it is beneficial to the heart and  heart related conditions like thickening arteries.

Magnesium is essential to healthy functioning of cells.

So although, you shouldn’t overdo your chocolate intake (remember that it still contains sugar and fat), treating yourself every once in a while should be fine. So go on…treat yourself to a chocolate egg or bunny this Easter.

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