Once you are pregnant, get regular antenatal check-ups and follow the instructions of the doctor properly. The word antenatal basically means before birth or during or relating to pregnancy. Thus, antenatal care means the care and precautions that you have to take during pregnancy. That will help you and your growing baby to achieve the best possible pregnancy outcome. Start antenatal visit as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed. Antenatal visit here means visiting your doctor during pregnancy.

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During each antenatal visit made to your doctor,

(a) your previous medical history is taken record,

(b) general medical examination is conducted, and

(c) certain investigations may be done.

(A) Medical History: Medical history is taken on record during pregnancy or antenatal care, the details of which may be: Detailed medical history taken on record during pregnancy or antenatal care.

(B) General medical examination during antenatal care: For details of the general medical examination during antenatal care, General medical examination done during antenatal care or pregnancy.

(C) Investigations required during antenatal period For details of investigations required to be done, Investigations required during antenatal period or pregnancy.

Health supplements / medicines required to be taken during pregnancy: During normal pregnancy period, you should continue to take:

5mg folic acid once dailyКартинки по запросу Antenatal Care During Pregnancy

Iron capsules daily after meals

1000mg calcium tab daily

Avoid taking iron and calcium together

B-complex once daily Other suggestions during pregnancy:

Take food in small quantity at frequent intervals

Drink plenty of water

Take one table spoon of Isabgol husk with a glass of hot milk, this will help you if you have constipation.

Eat plenty of fruits and salads.

Avoid spicy food, prefer eating easily digestible fresh, healthy and tasty food

Try sleeping in left lateral position

Take 8-10 hours’ sleep daily.

Take rest for an hour or two in the afternoon

Avoid over exertion, try to take rest whenever you feel tired.

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