Anti-inflammatory drugs are often the first drugs to be prescribed for Crohn’s Disease. Other than sulfasalazine, most of the anti-inflammatory drugs used to treat the condition belong to the same family of medications: the 5-ASA drug group. All members of this group contain mesalamine, and are related to the salicylates, a group of drugs of which aspirin is a member.

Before anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed, inform your doctor if

Картинки по запросу anti-inflammatory drugs-you have allergies to sulfa drugs, mesalamine, aspirin or other salicylates
-you are, or plan to become, pregnant
-you have a history of asthma, blood problems, liver disease, kidney problems, or intestinal blockage
-you are taking any prescription or nonprescription drugs or supplements.

Sulfasalazine. Sulfasalazine is likely to be the first of the anti-inflammatory drugs prescribed. People with sensitivity to it may find that one of the other mesalamine-based medications works better. Sulfasalazine comes in both regular and time-released tablets, and is best taken with meals. Drink plenty of liquids while taking sulfasalazine.

See your doctor immediately if you experience:Картинки по запросу skin rashes

-skin rashes or other skin problems
-a sore throat and/or fever
-abnormal bleeding or bruising
-joint pain
-swallowing difficulties
-yellow or pale skin.

Common sulfasalzine side effectsКартинки по запросу nausea



Alert your doctor immediately if you experience:Картинки по запросу rectal bleeding

-rectal bleeding
-joint pain
-breathing problems
-difficulty swallowing.

Common 5-ASA drug side effects

-stomach pain
-skin reactions.

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