We all experience stress on a daily basis, it is every where! We experience it driving in heavy traffic, dealing with a boss who is less than supportive or just the everyday family situations that come up. What most people don’t understand is that stress is stress (emotional or physical) no matter where it comes from, it is all the same! And all this stress affects that body the same way from a physiological point of view, no matter what the source. So, for over all long term health it is very important that we get it under control and learn how to deal with it, because of the damage it will eventually do to our bodies.

When you work out in the gym…that is stress, when you are constantly being emotionally bombarded… that is stress, when you eat the wrong foods…that is stress and the list goes on. The cumulative physiological effect that all this stress has on the body creates ‘free radicals’ (which is not good), they damage blood vessels & our cells which reduces the amount of oxygen that is available to the body. This destroys sleeppatterns, causes digestive problems, organ damage and worst of all destroys the vital nutrients that our bodies need to stay healthy.

Anti stress formula

So, what do we do? To decrease stress and stress related weight gain, you need to learn to manage your stress levels. Exercise, use meditation or have a quiet place to retreat to when you’re stressed out. Eating a diet that’s low in refined sugars or that have a low glycemic index helps decrease the stress of blood sugarfluctuations on our bodies. Eat meals at regular times each day (it’s best not to eat after 7pm). Drinkingplenty of quality water during the day also helps decrease the fatigue commonly seen around mid-day and early afternoon.

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