Minimalism in the art world refers to something in its most basic form. It is a reduction to fundamentals. Teeth whitening is a basic procedure that does not fundamentally change anything except to eliminate staining and discoloration. The teeth whitening side effects, as a result, are minimal. It is a procedure that, if utilized correctly, has no disadvantages.

Self Expression

We are each unique human beings. We have different physical and emotional make-ups. We also react to things differently. The degree of teeth whitening side effects is dependent upon the individual’s situation.

  • There can be increased temperature sensitivity in the teeth. This is a result of using whitening agents with peroxide. Normally, the temperature sensitivity will decrease and eventually disappear several days after the whitening procedure.
  • For a short while after the procedure, the gums may be a bit sensitive. This sensitivity will also disappear in a few days.
  • Infrequently, a tooth may begin to hurt after the procedure. This can occur if the whitening agent reaches the tooth nerve. Normally, when this happens, the mild discomfort disappears in a few days.
  • Tooth molds worn at night can cause gum irritation. The irritation will disappear after a few days of not wearing the mold.

If over the counter whitening kits are used, the tooth tray that holds the gel will not fit your teeth snugly. In this situation, the bleaching gel may ooze beyond the tray and reach your gums. In this case, the gums mayl become sensitive. It is best to use a dentist fitted mold if at all possible. The dentist will make sure that the teeth tray fits well enough that your gums are not exposed to the whitening agent. This will insure that the tooth whitening side effects are kept to a minimum.

If an over the counter whitening kit is used too often, the bleaching gel can wear away the enamel on the teeth. You should always follow the directions on the kit. Once again, it is best to use an in-office whitening procedure whenever possible so your dentist can monitor progress. Tooth whitening side effects are not severe, and the end result is worth any temporary discomfort.

Less Is More

In minimalist architecture the philosophy is “less is more”. In other words, you can speak volumes with carefully designed structure. Tooth whitening is a process that speaks volumes when you smile. Teeth that are discolored are unnatural looking and disconcerting. Tooth whitening is a simple procedure that produces big results. The tooth whitening side effects are normally so few as to be unworthy of mention. But nonetheless, it is important to understand all possible consequences. Many people have a concern about the safety of using bleaching products in the mouth. At the dentist, many precautions are taken to insure that the bleaching agent does not reach anywhere except on your teeth. The at-home kits have clear instructions about the amount of gel to apply at any time.

Everyone should have a clear understanding of tooth whitening side effects before beginning the procedure. But once you understand how the process works, your concerns will be alleviated.

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