Are you able to receive the recommended quantities of vitamins and minerals from your daily eating habits?  To solve that problem we need to understand what a balanced diet is.  Based on recommendations from different government agencies, the U.S. Government recently issued new dietary guidelines replacing the outdated food pyramid.  The new myPlate emphasizes building dishes from five food categories which are fruits, grains, vegetables, protein and dairy.

We are going to build a meal integrating the myPlate recommendations.  First, you will need to start with an empty plate as your slate.  Now, divide your blank canvas into four equal quadrants.  Fill quadrants with a portion from each of the first four food groups previously mentioned.  Your last food group is dairy which can either be a drink or dessert.


That’s how to create a well balanced plate.  Now we are going to take a look at making “healthy” choices for the plate.  A healthy meal is a collection of lean proteins like fish, poultry, beans, eggs and nuts.  Also, limiting saturated fats, cholesterol, salt and sugars is also beneficial. When choosing grains, it is best to use whole grains like wheat bread instead of white bread.  The suggested portion size is three to four ounces from each food category. This will give you a 12-16 ounce meal not including your drink and dessert.

While deciding on the above suggested meals, it is still likely you will fall short of some of the vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamins B, C, E and calcium. In fact, the National Institute of Medicine recommends the daily intake of more than twenty nutrients.  In addition, a higher dose of certain vitamins is recommended for women that are pregnant and senior citizens.  Also, some ailments and health problems can deplete your supply of important nutrients.

If you are still feeling lethargic although you are eating a well balanced meal you could be missing some vitamins.  As a matter of fact, a vitamin B deficiency can result in anemia. The Vitamin B family is an important antioxidant group for keeping great looking skin, efficient metabolism and immune system to stay strong.

In closing, while it is possible to get many of your daily vitamins and minerals through eating a healthy diet, many individuals will benefit from vitamin and mineral nutritional supplements to ensure optimal overall health.
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