Women remove their under arms  hair by several methods. Especially in summer hairs grow rapidly. Women who wear sleeveless have to remove their armpit hairs to avoid any unpleasant feeling. Under arms hair removalSeveral hair pick techniques and options are available depends upon how often they want to repeat the process.  Different options allow under arms hair to grow at different span of time. It depends on the woman how much she can tolerate the pain to select the method of hair removal for under arms.

Shaving: armpit hair removal It is an inexpensive method to remove armpit hairs. What you need is a safety razor and shaving cream or soap. Before using razor make foam with shaving cream or soap to soften your skin. Then after remove hair with safety razor. Be careful while using razor to cut your skin. You will have to repeat the treatment two to three days. The hairs that will grow harder than the original.

Waxing: underm arms hair removalIt is a very effective method to remove under arm hairs. You have to buy wax strips box and apply it to your under arms hair. It will remove your hairs from the roots and you will not have to repeat the treatment for several weeks. You will have to tolerate a bit pain during the process. The hairs that grow again will be less harder and thicker than the original. You can easily remove them second time with negligible pain.

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