Excessive armpit sweating is a common problem between men and women. It brings a lot of unhappiness and uncomfort in our daily lives. It is a sweating disorder and medically it is termed as hyperhidrosis. It may be caused due to lot of problems e.g over weight, selection of diet, clothes or it may be caused due to family history. Any how we must know the exact reason for our armpit sweating to overcome this hectic problem. There are lot medical treatments  available to fix this issue. We can treat over sweating under arm by some very effective and time tested home remedies.

Home Remedy No:1

Armpit sweatingAt night before going to bed wash your armpits with soap and dry. Take apple vinegar and apply it under your arms. Let it air dry. It will help you minimizing the production of sweat under your arms. You will be protected by bad smell sweating stains under arms.

Home Remedy No:2

armpit sweatingSweat is acidic in nature and baking soda is an alkaline nature. There is a chemical reaction between them and gases produce. It will help in evaporating sweat and keep armpits dry. Take a reasonable amount of baking soda and mix water in it untill it makes a thick paste. Apply this paste under your arms and leave it for 30 minutes. Then wash it and dry. Keep it up for some time you will feel a change in your excessive sweating.

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