Sure, this little white pill may pack a punch when dealing with all around aches and pains, but there is actually more to it than just dealing with headaches, body aches, fevers, and the flu. After all, why else would they call it one of the greatest inventions/discoveries of all time?

So here are both the benefits of aspirin as well as a couple concerns.


Lowers The Risk Of Heart Attack And Ischaemic Stroke (Ischaemic basically means that there is a reduced blood supply to the brain area)

benefits of aspirinSo aspirin is good for both the heart as well as the brain. You see, aspirin actually has antiplatelet effects, which pretty much mean anti clotting effects as it serves as a blood thinner of sorts.

It is advised for you to keep two pills by your bed at night just in case you suffer from either of the said problems. Popping the pills could very well save your life and give you enough time to get to the hospital.

Reduces The Risk Of Cancerpros and cons of aspirin

Studies have shown that taking aspiring on a daily basis can ward of certain cancers, colorectal cancer and cancer of the esophagus to be exact, as it acts as an anti inflammatory pill as well. Plus, it has even been proven that this pill can actually “hinder” the very enzyme that promotes the growth of tumors. It is even believed that taking this little white pill once a week can greatly reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Prevents Alzheimer’s and Dementia

And it is for the same reason as mentioned above aspiring doubling as an anti inflammatory pill, it has also been proven to prevent Alzheimer’s as well as Dementia. How? In the simplest way to explain, the said diseases are caused by an inflammatory process in the brain. So naturally, an anti inflammatory pill is used to prevent it.

Anti Aging Skin?

Obviously, it is good for keeping the brain young, but what about when it comes right down to your skin? Can aspirin be a good anti aging skin regime? The answer is a definite yes. Again, to reiterate, aspirin acts as an anti inflammatory pill, which, in a way, makes it act as an anti aging pill. You see, Inflammation also takes a toll on your skin. Think duller complexion, wrinkles, sagging skin, and other visible signs of aging. Because inflammation can cause collagen to break down at a much faster rate, even the whole aging process is sped up.

Because of it’s acetylsalicylic acid, aspirin is also great for fighting break outs when used as a mask (you can find one in your local skin clinic or you can simply pound some pills to powder then add a few drops of water).

effects of aspirin

Be sure to consult your doctor first…

Cons That May Cause Concern:

Cerebral Hemorrhage

If the blood vessels in your brain may be relatively week, taking aspirin too often may lead to cerebral hemorrhage, bleeding in the brain.

Peptic Ulcer

Studies have shown that taking anti inflammatory drugs too often may also lead to peptic ulcer. The destruction of the lining of your stomach may create a hole in the gastrointestinal tract, peptic ulcer.


Too much aspirin may also make you anemic as it may reduce the proportion of red blood cells in some people

So make sure to consult with your doctor before using aspirin as an anti aging regime.

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