Asthma symptoms:-

The symptoms of Asthma differ from person to person. The symptoms of asthma may be similar to other respiratory diseases or cardiac diseases. The main, typical symptoms of Asthma are:-

Shortness of breath : Shortness of breath is present due to airway obstruction, is common asthma symptom.

Wheezing : Due to airway obstruction and difficulty in expiration. Whistling sound is heard while breathing in asthma patients.

Coughing: Irritation in the respiratory tract and inflammatory reactions causes cough. Coughing is the most common symptom of asthma.

Tightness in the chest: Use of accessory muscles for breathing, and excessive contraction leads to chest tightness.

Disturbed sleep : In asthma patients sleep is disturbed. Asthma attack is common during night, i.e. between 2 am and 6 am. Severe cough disturbs the sleep. The patient suffers lot because of breathing difficulty, wheezing etc.

Breathlessness : Breathlessness increases along with exercise in asthma patients. excessive breathing with coughing and wheezing leads to breathlessness after an exercise. Breathlessness is the typical sign of Asthma.

Cough and cold : Cold increases the asthma attack. Even after the relieve from cold environment,
asthma patient experiences severe cough and wheezing. Recurrent cough is present with cold in asthma patients.

Children are highly affected with asthma attacks now a days and suffers lot from asthma symptoms. Avoiding asthma trigger factor helps in relieving asthma symptoms.

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