I am having severe pain in my tooth, pain is off and on. When I take antibiotics and pain killers it goes away, but returns after I stop taking medicines. I am told by my dentist that there is a hole in one of my tooth, the hole is just next to the cavity previously filled by a dentist few years ago. I am not ready for tooth extraction at present. Can I delay tooth extraction or continue taking medicines which I was taking previously for getting pain relief. For how long I need to take medicines so that my pain is gone for ever?

Answer (by Dr. Chirag Semlani): Medicines for most of the dental treatment works symptomatically as till you take medicines you will be fine, and once you leave it the symptoms recur. You can delay it for few days say for three to five days but you can’t avoid it totally with the help of medicine. Medicines too have side effects of their own, prolong use of painkillers and antibiotics affects your health like acidity, loose motions, pain in abdomen and other GIT related problem.


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