You might have heard that Ayurveda has very effective, natural remedies for infertility. In Ayurveda, male and female infertility are treated separately. A woman is termed infertile only when her own physical or mental problems do not let her conceive.

Ayurveda identifies the following reasons for infertility in females:

Irregular ovulation.
Severe bleeding, either during periods or due to prolonged periods.
Other Female infertilityuterine disorders.
Hormonal imbalances.
Congenital problems.
Insufficient nutrition.
Prolonged illness.
Trauma, depression etc.
Addiction of alcohol or other intoxicants.
You can find ancient remedies in Ayurveda for treating female infertility. Ayurveda looks at ‘holistic’ treatment, that is, the treatment of body, mind and soul. If you would go for an Ayurvedic treatment strict adherence to a nutritious and healthy diet, optimum exercise and a peaceful, stress-fee quality of life would be advised.

Some of the medicines that you could be prescribed for female infertility would be:

Angelica: This regulates menstrual cycle, fortifies the uterine wall and reduces stress in women. It is nutritious and a very good cure for infertility in females.
Shatavari: Ayurveda uses the legendary herb, Shataavari, for treating female infertility. It nourishes and cleanses the blood and revitalizes the female reproductive organs. It is a natural source of female hormones and it also strengthens the ovum. It not only helps treat infertility, it is found to be useful in increasing libido too.
Angelica Shatavari

Asoka: The branch of Asoka tree finds mention in the Hindu mythology, as it was one of the main remedies used for treating infertility in women. It brings joy, vitality and health to women. It is good for uterus and it also discourages bleeding. It is used for treating hormonal imbalances, infertility and other disorders related to female reproductive health.
Lodhra: It is used for various uterine problems. It increases the level of reproductive hormones and adds weight to the ovary.

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