Backache is one of the minor disorder, but affects the most of every adults entire world.

“Backache is the pain felt in the back portion due to muscle strain, bones deformity, nerves or spinal defect”.

Backache is experienced in people in different manner.

Symptoms of backache:-

-It may be chronic in nature or of sudden onset.

– Pain may be felt in one region, or radiating.

– Continuous or intermittent.

– Relief may occurs very soon or long term pain.

– Out of every 10 working adult 5 persons experience backache frequently in entire world.

– It may be corrected in home itself by doing some exercises or may need physicians help.

– Even though it is not life threatening, troubles much.

– Adults after 40 are more prone to get backache.

– The mothers after giving birth to baby are prone to get backache in later years.

Causes of Backache:-

Muscle strain : It has been proved by the physicians that most cases of back pain of chronic, dull in nature is due to muscle strain. When we do excess work our back muscle get strained. Improper body posture is the major cause of muscle strain.

Intervertebral disk problem :  There is a disk catilages in between the vertebral bones. when they get injured due to improper position, jerky movements, or an injury results in backache.disk herniation and degenerative diseases of disk also causes backache.

Bone disorders :  The bone diseases such as osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and other degenerative diseases of bone causes backache.

Stress :  Also causes backache.

Treatment of Backache :-

The goals of treatment:

-to reduce intensity of pain

-to restore the normal function of an individual.

-to prevent further injury.

The treatment :

– Have a bed rest until the severity of pain reduces.

– Use analgesics such as Aspirin, Diclofenac etc with physicians suggestion.

– Use correct body posture while sitting, standing and working.

– Regular exercises, which strengthens the back muscles.

– Don’t neglect as a minor disorder, if pain persists seek medical help.

– X-ray and other diagnostic tests reveals any bone abnormalities, and helps to go for medical or surgical treatment.

– Surgery is done in rare cases..

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