Bad breath

Most of us experience bad breath of us, or others. Bad breath is the unpleasant odour comes from the mouth while opening of mouth, through exhaled air. adults are much affected from the problem of bad breath.

Halitosis is the medical term used to indicate bad breath.

The medical report says that Toxins are the main cause of bad breath. toxins are the harmful chemical substances produced in body, which causes several diseases. The toxins are formed due to disorders of digestive system. when stomach is not able to digest the food properly, the toxins are formed in the digestive system. these toxins are accumulated in mouth, throat, and oesophagus.

The toxins appears as the white coating on the surface of tongue. toxins are clearly observed in before break fast. the toxins also present on the most pert of  digestive tract such pharynx, oesophagus,stomach,and intestines. these toxins produces the bad odour, is termed as bad breath.

– Remove the toxins in digestive tract.
– Remove the toxins from the mouth.

Remedies for bad breath

– Clean your tongue neatly, with mouth washes.

– Eat a fresh or healthy breakfast.

– Using tongue cleaner, clean the tongue surface.

– If possible frequently wash your mouth with water.

– Proper oral hygiene reduces bad odour.

– Use mouth washes, with antibacterial content, to avoid toxins in mouth.

– Drink adequate amount of water to prevent drying of mouth and digestive tract.

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