Bad Breath is a common problem between men and women through out the world. There are lot of causes for bad breath. Medically it is termed as “Halitosis”. It is a temporary condition which can be due to many reasons such as hunger, stress, smoking and food stuff we eat can cause this problem.bad breath cureWe can fix bad breath problem at home. Some of the useful home remedies can remove bad breath from our mouth.

bad breath cureBad Breath Cure: 1

When you feel pinching with mouth bad breath chew peppermint leaf. It will remove mouth bad breath instantly. This remedy is not a permanent solution to the problem but it will give you relief time while.

bad breath cureBad Breath Cure: 2

Take one table spoon apple cider vinegar before each meal. It will remove any smell from your mouth.

Bad Breath Cure: 3

Pumpkin offers many vitamins that help removing bad smell from mouth. Add pumpkin in your daily diet to avoid this problem.

Bad Breath Cure: 4

Mix salt in light warm water and do gargle with it. Instantly remove mouth bad breath. Use this remedy after each meal.

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