I had an operation of tubal ligation (family planning operation) about 3 years back after the birth of my son. Thereafter, I have been having regular periods. Duration of the periods has been varied, sometimes longer and sometimes shorter. This time, the period lasted for a very short duration, even less than 2 days. I am also having a different kind of feeling and sensation. Could it be pregnancy? Is it possible to become pregnant after tubal ligation?

Answer (by Dr. Neelam Dhamija): You had period for very short duration. You are worried whether you are pregnant. Though, it is very unlikely to become pregnant after family planning operation. But sometimes if the  family planning operation fails (though the possibility is very remote), the possibility  of pregnancy cannot be completely ruled out. You have not mentioned your age, when did you have your last date, how many pads did you soak during this period, was the bleeding so scanty that there was just few spots of blood instead of the regular bleeding. You can confirm pregnancy either by blood test for hCG or by urine test. You can do urine pregnancy test either at home or can get it done in some pathological laboratory. Positive pregnancy test  means that you are pregnant and a negative test will mean no pregnancy. Blood test for hCG is done in laboratory and a value of <5mIU/ml means no pregnancy and a value >25mIU/ml means pregnancy. Having scanty period does not always indicate that you are pregnant. Scanty periods can be because of many other reasons for example, hormonal imbalance, when you have anxiety or tension due to change of place or if you are over stressed because of some reason. Therefore, you proceed forward with this test, consult your gynaecologist and further plan of action can be decided after the reports.

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