With summer holiday season on its way, those people who need assistance with their sight will be wondering about what is best to take away with them. Generally speaking, both glasses and contact lenses have their purposes on holiday, however, when it comes to the beauty benefits, contact lenses would appear to have the upper hand in comparison to glasses.

When on a summer holiday, eyes need to be protected from sun exposure. This can prove to be somewhat problematic when a person needs assistance with their sight. The options, if you wear glasses, are prescription sunglasses, transition lenses, clip-on sunglasses and in extreme cases sunglasses over glasses (it’s true, this happens!).

PrescriptiBenefits of contact lenses over glasseson sunglasses can be both practical and stylish, the negative to these is the need to keep a second pair of regular glasses and having to swap them over, this can be something of an inconvenience. The answers to this problem are both the transition lenses and the clip-on sunglasses.

Transition lenses have had some negative reviews in that they don’t always react fast enough; if you are going in and out of the sun these may not be convenient. A solution to this problem would be the clip-on sunglasses. You are able to pull down the shade manually as it suits. Both of these options may be practical, but do not offer any beauty benefits.

Sunglasses over glasses, a favourite of the older generation, not recommended!

Let’s be honest, when we go on holCons of wearing glassesiday everyone wants to look glamorous. Neither of the aforementioned particularly fit this bill. The beauty benefits of contact lenses in comparison to glasses when on holiday means that you are able to wear the trendy designer shades that you choose to wear rather than what you have to wear for practical reasons.

You could even try boosting your summer look with coloured lenses; do you want to be the blue eyed beach babe? Or the brown eyed Mediterranean goddess? Not only can contact lenses allow you to wear stylish sunglasses, they can also emphasise your eyes for a new summer look.

Disposable lenses are great to take away as you don’t have to worry about losing them or packing solution for cleaning. This type of contact lenses is also fairly affordable and can be purchased without doctor’s prescriptions. Visit getlenses.co.uk for more information about cheap contact lenses.

If you want to look the part on your holiday, contact lenses just might be the way to do it.

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