As we know, milk can help bone growth, prevent osteoporosis, help maintain weight, and many other health benefits of drinking milk. But have you ever heard that milk can also help prevent dementia?

A study at the University of Oxford, stated that, the milk has a high content of B12, which are crucial to help maintain the health of your brain. Someone who is at risk of developing vitamin B12 deficiency of brain atrophy (a disease in which brain volume shrinks or decreases) will need to drink milk regularly. The disease is commonly associated with dementia.

Dementia is a condition in which a person experiences a decrease in the ability of memory and thinking power. It usually occurs in older people and the elderly, but it possible can affect adults and even young children. Senile is a common symptom of dementia. People with dementia often cannot think properly and cannot do their regular activity well.

Drinking Milk to Prevent Dementia

Nerve cells in our body (including the brain) encased and protected by a material called myelin. It is important to help the functioning of the nervous system to the optimum. If the ‘wrap’ nerve cells are damaged, the nerve cell activity will decline and die, as was the case in patients with dementia. The content of essential nutrients found in milk is vitamin B12 which can help prevent damage of the nerve cells and even improve it.

Milk has a high content of vitamin B12 and can be easily processed by your body. Furthermore, protein content of vitamin B12 is also high in meat and fish. But in a glass of milk, there is also stomach acid which is needed to dissolve the protein and thus, the body requires more acid in the digestive process and the release of proteins from meat and fish. This especially affects the elderly people because their stomach acid levels have decreased.

It is therefore recommended the consumption of milk more than meat and fish. If you are still too young, milk is also highly recommended. In addition to more easily digested and absorbed by the body, milk also has a high content of vitamin B12.

As those benefits of drinking milk, from now on, consume 2 cups of milk per day to supplement your daily nutritional needs and prevent you from dementia in later life.

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