One of the oral health problems most frequently encountered is tooth cavity. Tooth cavity can occur at all ages, ranging from children to adults. In general, there are several things that can lead to tooth cavity, such as the habit of eating sweet foods and bad behaviors concerning to the teeth.

Tooth cavity can lead to unbearable pain. This pain usually arises when the tooth cavity is too deep and the gums are one of the nerves that can lead to pain. Well, before knowing how to prevent tooth cavity, we should first know what the factors that causes tooth cavity.

Brush in The Wrong Way

Although it is relatively easy, but there are still many people who brush their teeth in the wrong way. Some experts said that brushing should be performed between one to two minutes. The proper way of brushing teeth is from top to bottom instead of left to right or vice versa. Try brushing your teeth in front of a mirror so that dirt is visible and easier to clean.

Sugar and Bacteria

Until now there is a myth that says that the tooth cavity caused by eating caterpillars on. Yet since the 1700s, an American dentist named Willoughby Miller said, tooth cavity are caused by bacteria and sugar.

Bacteria will convert sugar from food scraps into acids and makes the mouth area becomes acidic. Acid then makes a small hole in the tooth. When a hole occurs on tooth enamel, pain is usually not yet appeared.

However, when a small hole on the email form the opening for the entry of food waste that could potentially make the hole bigger, then the pain started to come. Especially when chewing the food.

Wrong use of tools

Choosing a tooth brush that does not conform to the character of the oral cavity potentially leads to tooth cavity. Toothbrush does not conform result in inaccessibility of food debris in between the teeth. Moreover, if the bristles are chosen too rough so that it can erode tooth enamel.

Therefore, choose a soft bristle brush with a smaller head for getting into space has narrowed the teeth in the mouth.

Here are the steps required to anticipate if you try to prevent tooth cavity and the pain:

Toothbrush Twice a Day

Try to brush your teeth at least 2 times a day. Morning and evening is the recommended time for brushing teeth. If necessary, add mouthwash after brushing your teeth to reduce the development of bacteria that could potentially damage the enamel.

Brushing Teeth with the Right Pattern

Brush your teeth regularly is not enough to prevent tooth cavity if you do not do it right. Brush your teeth from top to bottom to the upper front teeth, towards the top to the bottom front teeth and brush horizontally to molars. Special to thoroughly clean the teeth, because the leftovers are usually more attached to the molars.

Having Mouthwash after Eating

One of the causes of tooth decay is the acidity conditions of the oral cavity caused by bacteria. To prevent the acidity of the mouth, gargle after a few seconds the meal to reduce the remnants of food stuck between the teeth. Use mouthwash containing an anti-bacterial to reduce the development of bacteria that cause tooth cavity.

Use Floss Dental Instead of Toothpick

When the food is left, in the front teeth should be cleaned using dental floss instead of toothpicks. Using dental floss is relatively safer because no pointy toes potentially gums. Using a toothpick can also cause tooth gap widened so easily tucked food.

Reduce Consumption of Sweet Food

As described above that sugary foods can trigger the acidity of the oral cavity triggers. If you cannot avoid the consumption of sweet foods, you should immediately rinse after eating these foods in order to avoid tooth cavity.

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