When dieting, you must be familiar with the terms of calories. Calories are units used to measure the energy value. The content of calories in each food is quite varied. But certainly the calorie content in the highest ranks of fat 9 calories each gram of fat. While carbohydrates and protein have the same amount of content, 4 calories each gram. That is why in every diet method is recommended to limit intake and increase calorie burning, because excess calories can lead to fat deposits and weight gain.

Increase Muscle Mass

Some studies suggest that people who have more muscle mass have the ability to burn more calories, even when the person is sleeping. Increasing muscle mass is a fairly effective way to increase calorie burning. So how do I increase muscle mass? Try weight training. Some of the ways can be applied at home such as sit up and push up.

Interval Training

Interval training is training with the encouragement of intense activity. A simple example is jogging for 60 seconds, then sprint for 15 seconds, jog another 60 seconds, then sprint 15 seconds, and so on up to 10-15 minutes. If your body starts to adapt, gradually add the duration of exercise. In addition to brief, this method is quite effective to increase your body’s calorie burning.

Stay Hydrated

The body needs water to process calories. Keep yourself hydrated, as dehydration will slow down your metabolism. Drink at least 7-8 glasses of water a day for optimal calorie burning process.

Add Cold Drinks

Cold drinks help the body to burn more calories during digestion. But make sure you do not add sugar to cold drinks. Research shows that eating cold drink 5 or 6 glasses of water a day can help you burn an extra 10 calories per day.

Eat More Often

Eating is a best way to burn calories fast. Eat more often to include snacks in between main meals will help you lose weight. Dividing eat small meals 5-6 times will make you stable metabolism, thus burning more calories perfect.

Increase your protein intake

The body burns calories 2 times more when digesting protein than when digesting carbohydrates and fats. Reduce your intake of carbohydrates and fat, increase your intake of foods high in protein in your healthy diet to improve metabolism.

Shop in the Market

When you are walking while pushing a shopping cart for an hour or more in the supermarket or traditional markets burn up to 250 calories. Perhaps this could be the most fun way for most women.

Avoid Extreme Diets

The extreme diet is when you have less than 1000 calories per day. Low-calorie diet can indeed help you lose weight, but cut calories massively can also interfere with the health and calorie burning itself.

Make sure that your calorie intake is not excessive in order to keep your metabolism up and do each best way to burn calories fast. Good Luck!

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