With recent bird flu outbreaks in a few countries across the globe has everyone worried about a potential bird flue outbreak in the United States causing massive deaths. While there is some concern that the bird flu may work its way to America thanks to migrating birds, there is still very little cause for alarm. Take a look at why.Point One

It seems as though there have been more reports of people catching and subsequently dying from the bird flu in countries in Asia. But the truth of the matter is that there have only been a handful of human deaths caused by the bird flu, it is simply being reported more often to make people feel as though this is happening often. In actuality, since the whole bird flu epidemic began there have only been a few humans effected by the virus.

It is also important to realize that most of the reports you here on television relating to the bird flu have to do with birds who have been contaminated not humans. While this particular strain of influenza is highly contagious among birds, it is very difficult for a human to become infected. As long as authorities work to quickly eliminate the H5N1 strain of influenza in birds, humans will not have to worry about a major outbreak.

Point Two

Because there has been so much news coverage relating to the bird flu lately many Americans feel that there is cause for alarm. The truth of the matter though is that there has never been a case of the bird flu in the United States to date. There have been no birds infected with the virus and no humans infected by birds. This does not mean that we will be able to keep birds carrying the H5N1 virus to the states forever, but it does mean that we have plenty of time to protect ourselves.

Treating yourself and your family to a regular influenza vaccination before both the winter and spring influenza season hits you will also be protecting yourself against the bird flu. It is also important to note that there are actually close to 40,000 deaths each year and over 200,000 hospitalizations of Americans every year who are infected with regular influenza while no American has been infected by the bird flu.

Point Three

Much of the cause for concern relating to the bird flu is based on history. There was an outbreak of influenza in 1918 that caused massive deaths among healthy citizens. We should not fear the bird flu based on what has happened in the past. Since 1918 we have had many advances in medicine and technology. Each year hospitals effectively treat hundreds of thousands of Americans infected with influenza, only a small portion of those people actually die.

Point Four

Countries like Vietnam have been able to effectively ward off the bird flu this year. There have been no deaths in humans associated with the bird flu this year. This is due partly because they have held mass vaccination campaigns to treat their domestic birds and also because wild birds have developed antibodies that prevent them from transmitting the disease to other birds. Vietnam has shown that by managing the virus we can effectively eliminate cause for alarm among humans.

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