“The bird flu virus is the single largest threat to humanity …”
The Centers for Disease Control. The world is unprepared for the bird flu pandemic. According to the World Health Organization a bird flu outbreak may happen at any time. Conditions are now ripe for an outbreak that could make SARS seem tame in comparison. Up to 30% of the global population could be infected with the bird flu virus. One top Russian virologist estimates that as many as one billion people around the world could die from an outbreak. In other words, one out of every six people in the world would die!!!

Is There Any Good News Amidst
This Coming World Disaster?

Yes! A resounding “Yes,” but you had better begin preparing now!
Here’s how:

You need to take control of your Health! You need to look at things that can protect yourself and support your own immune system so it can function the way it is designed to.

The bird flu has devastated populations in the past, look back in 1918. The bird affected millions of people’s lives; it killed 25% of the population in some cities and took the lives of tens of millions of people around the world. Yet today, we are no better at treating these viruses than in 1918. In fact because of the immense amount of travel in today’s world this type of plague can move around the world lightening fast compared to 1918!

You Can Beat the Flu

We are talking about building your immune system, not curing disease. We are going to build your health where life begins at the cellular level. Your body is an extremely intelligent organism that has the ability to fight infections very very efficiently.

Your Best Defense is Your Immune System

You need to understand how you can get your immune system into tip top shape to fight things naturally. View this informative 7 minute video about the significance of your immune system.

Your immune system guards you against germs such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Those with a weakened immune system are naturally more prone to illness. Many things disrupt the health of your immune system such as high levels of stress, fatigue, not sleeping well, being around others who are sick, not washing your hands and traveling. Other factors that can affect your immune system are aging, illness, poor nutrition, unhealthy food choices and genetic factors.

Your body’s immune system is very sophisticated with many kinds of immune cells and it is designed to do everything for your protection against viral infections and disease. Immune cells act quickly and attack germs trying to enter your body. However when your immune system is not effective that is when the bacteria, viruses and infections take over.

Influenza (also called Flu)

The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses. It can cause mild to severe illness, and at times can lead to death.

Some people, such as older people, young children, and people with certain health conditions such as asthma, emphysema and other lung infections are at a higher risk for serious flu complications.

– From the sniffles and sneezes to a sore throat and annoying cough, the common cold usually catches up with us at one time or another. Why is it that? When two people are exposed to the cold virus that often times one person catches the cold and the other does not?

The answer is simple, one person has a strong healthy immune system and the other person’s immune system is weaker it is not functioning at an optimal level!

We have all heard of vitamin C, Echinacea and other things that are important for supporting or boosting your immune system. Now, you’re going to learn about a relatively new perspective of health and nutritional science that will get your immune system in tip top shape naturally. Glyconutrients provide essential nutrients your body requires to maximize your own immune systems response to viruses by increasing immune cell activity such as the macrophage and NK cells.
Our bodies are extremely important mechanisms. Every organ and every tissue in your body is part of your immune system, it is an integrated system that is spread throughout your body.

Your immune system has two primary functions

1. Innate immunity – is the part that knows what to do from day one, your inborn ability to fight infections. Children who are breast fed obtain glyconutrients through their mothers breast milk and receive this vital immune messages.
2. Acquired immunity – It is an imprint on your cells that recognizes previous agents that you have been exposed to. It is what you develop as you are exposed to various bacteria and viruses.

You cells have a memory and once they are exposed to the measles virus, your immune system recognizes what the measles virus looks like. The acquired immunity is the principal that vaccines are built on. You put a vaccine substance in your body and your body recognizes that and forms a defense against it.

Relying on vaccinations alone is risky, one major problem we face is there are so many strains of the influenza virus and they virus continually mutate into new strains. You are susceptible by relying on a vaccination alone that may not be effective against the newest outbreak of the influenza virus.

Another problem is that when you use a vaccine you are also injecting foreign substances into your body like preservatives and things like mercury, you can actually weaken your immune system!

Don’t Rely on Better Living Through Chemistry

What is happening is that through prescribed drugs, we got rid of that infection so quickly is that the immune system didn’t have time to do that imprint.

Sometimes having that infection for a little longer though you may not feel as well, does allow your body’s immune system to develop that imprint so that you don’t get that recurring infection over and over. That’s how your body builds immunity!

Strategies for strengthening and
balancing your immune system

Along with many of the proven tactics such as eating a healthy well balanced diet, exercising, sleeping well, and washing your hands and many others. Our focus is on the discovery of the nutrients that your body requires to run the human immune system.

You need to provide your body with what it needs to have the ability to fight things naturally both through innate and acquired immunity.

When your immune system is functioning correctly and you are exposed to a cold virus and some of your cells become infected with a cold or flu virus then your body sends out a chemical message to surrounding cells that tells the cells that there is trouble.

Those cells are going to respond and distinguish that there is an infected cell and send the message to destroy those infected cells. That is why some people do not get colds or flu’s even when they have been exposed to them.

The challenge is that people’s immune systems are not functioning properly, in fact peoples immune systems have been declining steadily over the past few years. Immune efficiency is declining at the rate of about three percent each year. Due to two primary reasons:

  1. Your Diet
  2. Toxins in our environment (since 1930 there have been 75,000 chemicals introduced into our environment)

When you or your child is sick we tend to feed our bodies with products that contain a high level of refined white sugars such as popsicles, 7-UP and Gatorade. These high sugar products literally paralyze your immune system functions.

The typical protocol for treating infections:

  • Someone acquires a strep throat infection, they visit the doctor to obtain a rapid strep test in 5 minutes to verify the infection;
  • People tend to get on an antibiotic right away;
  • They get better quickly;
  • They visit the doctor frequently with another strep throat infection;
  • The drug or antibiotic suppresses the symptom or kills the infection; and
  • It does not build immunity

Drugs and medicine are overused and causing antibiotic resistance!

It is all about restoring health to the
cells of your body through food.

Your innate defenses are stronger than any medicine that mankind can ever create!

Glyconutrients provide nutrients your body needs to balance your immune system so your body can beat the flu virus even without the use of a vaccine shot by multiplying the strength of your immune system.

This is not a cure in no way shape or form; we are talking about providing essential nutrition that your body must have to support the proper function of your cells, tissues, organs and systems.

When your cells are healthy, your organs are healthy and YOU are healthy. The secret to excellent health is to restore the function of your cells naturally.

If we can keep our cells healthy, and your immune system functioning at its best then the viruses are not able to even attach to your cells and therefore can not start to multiply.

We are talking about building foundational immunity, so that your own immune system is able to recognize, attack and destroy any kind of abnormality that is a threat to your body whether it is bacteria, a virus or fungus.

Glycoproteins are on the cell surface of each and every one of the trillions of cells in the human body. The science on glyconutrients is so clear!

Viruses have to get into a cell in order to reproduce.


When someone with a virus such as a cold sneezes in a public place and you inhale, then the cold virus gets into your system through the mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth).

By consuming glyconutrients you will provide nutrition your body needs to make make glycoproteins (as illustrated above) and these glycoproteins will saturate the receptors on your cells and this is how your immune system prevents the virus from attaching and if the virus can not attach it can not get into your system and multiply.

The virus then goes from cell to cell looking for another cell to latch onto and if that doesn’t exist it leaves your body and your immune system did its job. And oh darn you did not catch that cold or flu virus. That is not a cure that is your body doing its job when supported correctly.

The same thing occurs with bacteria (sinus infections, bronchial infections, ear infections). Most start out as viral infections. Antibiotics do nothing for viral infections. People tend to pressure their health care practitioner for a prescription and then antibiotics are over prescribed (this is far too common). This is why we have antibiotic resistant bacteria!

A truckload of the strongest antibiotics in the world
will not do a thing for a virus!

By keeping your immune system healthy, it can deal with the viruses and bacteria and not rely on antibiotics except in extreme circumstances.

You need an immune system that is properly balanced and supported. It has to be able to recognize enemy cells from friendly cells, it has to be able to know when to attack quickly and efficiently and to know when the job is done.

When you have a natural solution that is effective, safe and non toxic and your body is able to utilize these nutrients in the way it requires to use its own innate (inborn) wisdom to protect, restore, regulate, nourish and support your immune system.

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