Blood cells in urine:-

RBC cells measured in urine are called blood in urine. Blood in the urine is a common complaint of patients with urinary tract disorders. Medical term used to blood in urea is Hematuria. Blood in urine is not a problem but some times it indicates serious problem in urinary tract. If blood is found in urine for more than three times, it should be examined by physician to confirm any urinary tract disorder.

Test and causes:-

  • To conduct urine test fresh, clean urine sample is collected.
  • Hygiene to be maintained while collecting urine.
  • The test need normal urination, and there is no any complication.
  • No need to undergo any fasting, etc before collecting urine.
  • After collecting urine, Urine sample is tested in the laboratory.
  • Some times due to medications taken , minute blood cells may appear in blood.
  • Normal value of blood in urine, after test is 4 blood cells per high power field.
  • Women have high risk of blood in urine than men, because the chance of urinary tract infection is high with women.
  • Old age people and adults have hematuria or blood in urine more often than youth.

Blood in urine indicates:-

  • Cystitis,
  • Acute tubular necrosis,
  • Glomerulonephritis,
  • Interstitial nephritis,
  • Pyelonephritis,
  • Kidney tumor,
  • Kidney trauma,
  • Kidney stones, and
  • Prostatitis.

Appropriate treatment is given to treat red blood cells in urine, after diagnosis.

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