In this age of twentieth century body detoxification has become a major area of concern. Now at this stage it is crucial to distinguish between the process and programs of detoxification that will help in eliminating the toxic substances from our body. Although there are many ways to cleanse the body but fasting is one of the most effective ways of cleansing human body.Various other method like detox by ionization, footbath,drinking fresh water are of great help. The term fasting is avoidance food in the solid form and intake of more and more liquid and fibrous diet which consist of large amount of salads, sprouts and fresh fruits and juices.

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "Body Cleansing Detoxification"In this industrialised world human beings have fallen prey by the accumulation of heavy metals, chemicals, radiation, packed food, pesticides from inorganic food, intake of drugs, refined food. The number of disease caused by toxins are on increase, carcinogenic being one of the major disease, skin problems, obesity, allergy, fatigue, nausea, headache, cough, pain, weak immunity and gastro problems.

Toxins can enter our body at two levels:

– Externally
– Internally

External factors include entry of toxins via environment when our body comes in contact with external factors, the air we inhale, the food we ingest or physical contact with environment. Toxins enter our body on daily basis. We drink and eat them regularly and repeatedly. Various drugs and food elements can create toxins our body; in fact most of the substances can be toxic in nature by itself.

Due to metabolic activities in our body we have a tendency to generate toxic substances. Cellular and biochemical processes can produce toxic materials that are needed to be cleansed by our body for proper and healthy functioning of our body. Inflammation and irritation of tissues and cells are the resultant if this toxins are not removed from our body in regular basis. These toxins can block the normal functioning of the body. Toxins are also generated due to increased stress level, thought level and emotional level.

If the body is functioning well that is it has good immunity system, then one can handle exposure to toxins either by neutralising, transforming or eliminating them. The liver dumps waste through bile into intestine from where it is excreted. Toxins from body can also be cleaned through sweating, by doing exercise or taking sauna.

Body cleansing detoxification helps in removing congestion, curing illness and preventing diseases which help a person to live healthy life. It increases the energy of the body which rejuvenate us and hence prevent degeneration.

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