Body detoxification is the process of removing unwanted chemical substances known as toxins from the body, thereby allowing greater health. According to Dr Elson Hass the various symptoms of toxicity are headaches, fatigue, mucus problem, aches and pains, allergies, digestive problems, sensitivity to external factors like chemicals, perfumes etc. He further states that body detoxification organs are:Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "detox organs"1. Respiratory – lungs, throats, bronchial tubes, sinus, and nose
2. Gastrointestinal-Gall bladder, liver, colon, and GI tract
3. Urinary-Bladder, Kidneys, and urethra
4. Dermal and skin-Sebaceous glands, sweat, and tears
5. Lymphatic -Lymph nodes and channels

Liver is central to detoxifying program of body. It is responsible for processing and breaking down toxins like herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, alcohols, drugs, and other chemicals in environment. It is the organ which is directly affected by pollution. Hence our diet should support liver by supplying nutrients to it.

According to Janice Wittenberg, R.N. colon should be in a good shape before liver healing is started, as the toxins will be stored by liver if they are not excreted by colon. A Colon detoxification program makes one’s body ready for optimal health by removing Mucoid plaque. Colon detoxification program involves diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables so that the digestive system is free from Mucoid plaque and toxins will not build and food will be digested fully.

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "detox organs"Liver detoxifies in two phases, under phase I liver makes fat soluble toxins into water soluble which are then eliminated in phase II. In phase II enzymes are used to bind the transformed toxins and are then excreted. Hence in simple terms we can say that the liver help in changing many toxic substances into agents which are harmless, while the waste is carried by bloods to kidney ; the liver dumps wastes into intestine using bile, where elimination of waste takes place. We also clear toxins through exercise, heat and sweating.

Detoxification done by the body internally reverses the damaged caused due to external and internal toxins. Thus strengthening the immune system so as to fight diseases and restore good health. Several detoxification methods have been developed which includes parasite elimination and de worming, liver cleaning, colon cleaning, gall bladder flushing and many more.

Body detoxification and cleansing gives numerous benefits to the body some of them are Strengthening of the immune system, weight loss, riddance from nagging body aches and pains, glowing complexion, enhanced energy levels, improved sleep, a renewed interest in life. This results in body detoxification organs start behaving more intelligently and efficiently by cleaning and detoxifying the body regularly on day to day basis. These benefits will remain permanent if the body detoxification organs are supplied by rich nutrient food.

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