Our body has natural tendency to remove toxins via different process like chemically breaking the harmful toxins into simpler compounds and excreting them via urine and stools. Toxins are also produced endogenously by several metabolic processes, such as pesticides, breakdown of proteins, food preservatives, cigarette smoke, and heavy metals, drugs that make way to our body through the food we ingest or the air we inhale. The endogenous toxins with exogenous and autogenous toxins make our body immunity weak and make us fall prey to various hazardous diseases. Healthy diet plan must be follwed to be free from disease and toxins which can ruin or metabolic system, and various important organs. Malfunctioning of these organs leads to disturbance of body mechanism.

Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "body Detox"People think that detoxification is primarily meant for treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, but we are unaware of the fact that body detoxification diet is also applicable for the elimination of dietary and environmental toxins in order to attain healthy lifestyle.

Among many forms of detoxification diet the most applied form of diet is short term detox diet which includes:

– Switching over to organic diet from inorganic( which will reduce the intake of toxic substances which come through the chemical intake from the inorganic food). This change in diet plan will for sure reduce the intake of chemicals.

– Nutritional diet- a diet must contain proper amount of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants which are primarily requirements for body detoxification.

– Fibre content – more and more fibre content should be included in our diet for proper bowel movement which will help in laminating toxins from our body through urination and stools.

– Water- maximising the water intake in our body will help in detoxification. For this one can go for citrus fruits like oranges, lemon juice.

Although the pure water and fibre intake has to be very minimal as suggested by the medical practitioners but the current diet plan of individual makes it necessary for him to replace this minimum quantity to maximum. The pure water is replaced by coffee, tea and other liquid diets.

Is a detox diet necessary?

Yes, due to intake of harmful chemicals due to affect of industrialisation it becomes inevitable to stay away from detoxification. The chemicals that we ingest, water we drink and air we inhale get deposited in our fat cells which have to be removed at any cost. Our natural resistance power to fight this toxic material can be reduced if our diet lacks nutrients, which are required to detoxify our body. Therefore, it becomes important to follow a body detoxification diet.

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